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    Options Query-Experts Help

    I wish to trade in LT options. Attached is my strategy. As per payoff it seems that I will be in minimimal loss if LT stays above 1415, and major loss will be there if LT dips below 1290. If I keep a sl of 1315 and go for the strategy..does it make sense. Let me know If I am missing...
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    Tradercockpit classes .. any idea?

    I have attended their TA Training program. Its very Basic...if you dont know anything about market, then might be of some help..else nothing special. its all basic coverage of indicators
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    Derivatives Analysis

    Few of the calls 1) Bajaj Auto on 20th June at 1835, SL 1824, Target-1850- 2) Gail -Short since last 4 days with of SL of 301.3-Stating strong Resistannce at this level 3) Rel Cap short with Sl of 340 on 18th June stating calls written at 340 levels- Unsuccessful Call 4) Bhel Long at 180...
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    Derivatives Analysis

    I trade with Trade Smart Online mostly into Futures. I follow Trend Analysis, but strictly do Intraday trading. Currently Using Amibroker & Now. I dont know how this info is related with my query...but anyways I have provided what you asked for. Help if you can. Thanks
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    Derivatives Analysis

    I need help on F&O analysis of Stocks. I came across a person who just gives tips on basis of F&O analysis Like by seeing Derivative positions he tells me Support & Resistance of a particular stock. This seems to work quite nicely. Can someone help me in how to analyze F&O position and find out...
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    Nifty / Banknifty Using Super Trend

    oh ok. Kuldeep is using Icharts which comes at a nominal price...So if you are ok with it....Go for it. But as a indicator Supertrend should be same in SHarekhan as well as Icharts, but I believe thats not the case
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    Nifty / Banknifty Using Super Trend

    I believe Sharekhan ST is better, though there wont be much difference in terms of getting an entry it would be 10-15points
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    How is Smart Finance Rajan classes?

    Me too:)...Waiting eagerly
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    coding my strategies

    You can contact, they can do the needful at decent price, but cons are that it will be web based with monthly renewal. No AFL. I got one of my basic strategy coded thru them, but my experience wasnt great. But you can check out as they will do the needful
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    Sharing the trading technique

    Please upload the PPT or share the technique. Thanks
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    How is Smart Finance Rajan classes?

    Totally agree. I didnt find his training worth specially his live seminar. Material Given that he claims to be worth more than 15k is ok. He couldnt demonstrate any of his techniques with full confidence and there is no proof that they work consistently. I am not happy with his classes &...
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    Indicator Help-Amibroker

    Thanks a Lot
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    Indicator Help-Amibroker

    I need Slow Stochastic Indicator for Amibroker with Following Parameters Period D - 3 Period K -5 Smooth - 2 Please let me know the Code or link Please help. Thanks
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    How is Smart Finance Rajan classes?

    Totally Agree. Well Summarized. Whole of his work seems to be incomplete as in one of his paid seminars- Alpha Hedge Currency Strategy-He was making loss in the strategy and was explaining the same with full confidence. His concepts may be new, but you cant make money consistently
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    query on my options put trade

    If The price stays above 300, it will be come worthless like 0.05 paise, No need to square off in this case as exchange will automatically do the needful. Let it expire
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    Ravi Bhokse Course

    Hi, I attended the course around 2 years back...that time it was one day workshop...The main content of the course was very basic and is mostly related to positional trading. All basic concepts like Indicators-RSI, MACD etc are covered along with few price patterns As you rightly pointed...