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    Biggest Trading Loss (Derivatives)

    Here you go guys this is the biggest derivatives loss i have ever heard of: makes you wonder if we are doing better than these guys......
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    Brokerage Question

    Does this brokerage look ok or anything fishy???
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    How Many lost Money this month due to crash???

    I know i did and only 1 day wiped my profits clean for the month and that day was black friday.... Share your story if anyone is alive in this forums anyways.... I made the idiotic mistake of buying banknifty.Lost only 80 points but how many lots don`t ask.....
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    Daytrading manipulation(video expose)

    BTW those who are daytrading i found a shocking video online which will dismiss the myth that daytraders can make money: The above channel tells us all that we are jackasses who are trying hard to make money while the market can be manipulated by...
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    Worst Loss in a single day?

    Hi guys just wanted to get a poll on the worse loss in a single day that the members have suffered.Mine was today and it was brutal.Although i have battles hard last month today`s loss cleared that up. Let me be first to concede that i have had a 16k+ loss day today.After Whole month...
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    Best broker for commodities?

    Iam looking to open an account with india infoline? should i look for other options? i will mostly trade in gold
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    Aditya`s Hits and Misses Diary

    Ok I have been trading for past year now and tried my hands at pretty much everything.Nowadays iam trying futures and so far its been hit and miss. From today i would keep tabs on my progress and it would also give hope to people who think money can`t be made in markets. Here is a ledger from...