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    Ami 5.20 released

    Amibroker 5.20 rc1 has been released today. Those who hv original copies can upgrade!
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    Import Lot size and Margins for esignal users

    Attached is a csv file with esignal symbols which has lot size and margins reqd for Futures as of 25 may 07. Import with following parameters in a format file: # Format definition file generated automatically # by AmiBroker's ASCII Import Wizard $FORMAT Ticker, RoundLotSize...
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    Fundas as of 5th May 2007

    for all cos in 1 excel sheet d/l from:
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    updated fundas of all cos in 1 excel sheet

    D/L FR
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    Basic fundas of all cos in 1 excel sheet

    d/ from:
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    us dollar index

    Looks like US dollar index has bottomed out. A weekly close abv 86 will be a powerful breakout abv a falling trendline of 5 years in weekly charts. With so much bearishness on USD nowadays I feel bottom has been made. Chart attached edited for the following: Target is 91 stop is 79
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    some abnormal trades in options on friday

    [email protected]*price* 13.14-41470-190 call [email protected]****** 4.50 15.08-24300-500call [email protected]**** 16.25 14.58-10800-500call [email protected]**** 17.10 14.55-13500-500call [email protected]**** 17.35 11.34-135700-80cal [email protected]****** 4.00 [email protected]****** 3.30 [email protected]****** 3.85...
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    Fed Leaves Interest Rate at 5.25 Percent

    Fed Leaves Interest Rate at 5.25 Percent Wednesday September 20, 2:17 pm ET By Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer Fed Leaves Interest Rate Steady As Falling Energy Prices Help to Restrain Inflation Pressures WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Federal Reserve left a key interest rate...
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    RBI okays amalgamation of UWB with IDBI
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    Brief explanation of Open Int fr Business line *Signals from open interest * *B. Venkatesh * OPEN interest is an important factor that investors should observe when trading in options. What is open interest? It refers to the contracts outstanding on...
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    Traderji most users online indicator...

    Most users made a new high in Jan 2005 before the crash and later this high was surpassed on 7th May 2006 soon after markets went into a downtrend ! Coincidence or a birth of a new indicator!
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    Use View/Profile in Amibroker...

    to get fundas for each company. to view u hv to set it up go to symbol/categories there you will find Profile give this url in the box:{t}eq after that go to VIEW/PROFILE u get all details of...
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    Nse listed shares at p/e abv 50!

    As many as 47 scrips are quoting at p/e of 50! (on TTM EPS) See attached list.
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    Introduction To Technical Analysis

    For the benefit of newbies like me I will post a short course on Introduction to technical analysis in this thread. The material that willbe posted here willbe sourced from the great library called Internet and in no way i suggest that its my own. I am sure some newbies like me would like...
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    TA Questions and Answers

    Visit this site:
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    options or futures?

    For FNO trading, which one Futures or Options is better? trading in both requires good understanding of Technicals and a good money management system. Attached is a chart of Tisco. I bot 1 lot futures at the buy signal and 2lots of 520 call. The futures returned 15% + on margin capital...
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    excel worksheet to analyse options bhav copy

    In collaboration with a person who is expert in excel programming, we are developing a excel sheet for formatting options bhav copy of NSE. those who are interested can chip in with their requirements. The excel sheet will report in summary the following: highest increase in closing price of...
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    What to do in case of Trojan attack

    This weekend my PC got infected by a trojan. Norton culd no eliminate it . however my firewall was stopping it from accessing the internet. Still the problem remained and it was mutiplying. itried various online scans but to no avail. Finally I contacted my office system adminstrator and told...
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    Amibroker 4.81 beta with fundamentals!

    Amibroker has released new version with support for Fundas! see attached report for Sugar stocks of NSE
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    Business Plans for Traders and Investors

    I teach seminars on stock and option trading and in the basic class, I always begin with the necessity of having a business plan. Trading and investing are businesses. We need to treat them that way. If you were going to open a retail store or a medical practice or an oil exploration company...