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    India and Pakistan - comparison ... something to be proud of

    India and Pakistan - comparison Twenty-five thousand years ago, haplogroup R2 characterized by genetic marker M124 arose in southern Central Asia. Then began a major wave of human migration whereby members migrated southward to present-day India and Pakistan (Genographic Project by the...
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    Conspiracy by brokerages not to allow buying?

    What the hell, yesterday no buy orders were getting executed... in Sharekhan. Is there some conspiracy to allow only sell orders and not buy orders...:mad::mad::mad: This sucks man bigtime. Someone needs to bloody find out what the hell is going on.
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    Off market deal in NDTV

    26/12/2007 532529 NDTV LTD. PRANNOY ROY B 4835850 400.00 26/12/2007 532529 NDTV LTD. G A GLOBAL INVESTMENT LIMITED S 4836000 400.00 Isn't this illegal? Market price is around 450 bucks... what the hell is happening?
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    Gilette doubled in 1 week!

    Was at 800 levels last week!:eek: Any idea on what's happening?
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    Today's latest analysis - 27/11/07

    Stop spamming. Don't advertise other sites here.
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    Trailing Stop Loss?

    How to see trailing stop loss in Sharekhan? There is only an option for stop loss(I thin fixed price). Please help seniors...
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    All Walchand Stocks in Lower Circuit today...

    Walchandnagar Premier Ravalgaon Walchand Peoplefirst all in LC... Don't panic people... just hold on. This is an attempt by the operators to shake off the weak hands and garner shares at lower rates... old trick. DON'T PANIC!:p And those who haven't got hold of these shares, now...
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    Diamonds in the Rough

    First of all, thanks to Traderji and all the wonderful members of this forum for providing us an amazing platform to exchange our views on the markets, and partake in India's huge success story. From experienced day trader, to a student like me investing for the long term this forum has it all...