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  1. prst

    Basic charting website for basic gprs mobile phone

    Hi , is there a website that provides basic charts (no indicators required but only emas) for gprs mobile phone . (Sony ericson). I tried moneycontrol nse and google finance but in vain. Thanks in advance
  2. prst

    Is trading better off than IPL ?

    with IPL season just started, the hype (thanks to the crazy media) is all over the place. but I feel IPL is no more about cricket. though some die hard cricket fans still follow it, its more a betters game now. even i was a die hard cricket fan, until the match fixing scandal cast a shadow...
  3. prst

    Trading with PT style Part 2

    thanks bro.. i guess u meant 50 points in mini. petal moves much slower. u follow mcx futures charts or the phoren wala chart ?
  4. prst

    Going against the Tide... the Contrarian approach

    Hi friends, recently I came across a new way of investing/trading, called as the contrarian way of investing. one of the proponents of such a theory is David Dreman, who has written a book , titile " The New Contrarian investment strategies" . its a nice read. it makes use fundamental...
  5. prst

    icharts basic chart for gold/gold futures

    hi friends, i found some issues while trying to open charts for gold/gold futures at the basic charts page ( when i select gold futures from the popup menu, its giving some error saying invalid stock/index symbol. however, it is showing up charts of...
  6. prst

    Commodity news/info websites

    Hi friends, Are there any good websites that give updated info/news on the commodity markets. If so, please share. commodity market is purely news driven , ie, demand and supply imbalance. thanks a lot
  7. prst

    Can we buy low with technical analysis?

    Hi, we see that most of the technical strategies advocate buying when a certain resistance/threshold is broken. for example, breakout of a channel is an example of this... Just wanted views of you people. does TA guarantee that we buy low and sell higher? for example, consider...
  8. prst

    Help needed with using the candlestick patterns

    Hi friends, Recently I went through a book on candlestick patterns and had some doubts on their usage. Any inputs about these would be appreciated. We have several reversal patterns like Doji, hammer and engulfing patterns. When do we act on these? For ex, in case of bullish...
  9. prst

    Details about Breakout Fading

    Hi friends, Could you please guide me regarding the concept of breakout fade. is it extensively done in our markets by the market movers? is it profitable to trade against the breakout ? seniors please shed some light on this. thanks .
  10. prst

    Can we print out a thread, including the images?

    Hi friends, I wanted to get print out of some of the useful threads, along with the images(charts) but when i click on printable version of the thread and select "display 40 posts on a page", the images are not getting displayed on the page. Is there any way I can get the print out...
  11. prst

    Query regarding moneycontrol's charts

    Hi all, i have some queries regarding moneycontrol's charting for analysis . 1. is their data accurate ? i found discrepancies when i compared their charts with google finance's. 2. is there any option to save the chart settings (like indicators used, time frame etc ) so that next time i...
  12. prst

    Strategy for Medium term trade

    hi friends, is there any good strategy/system that gives good returns for medium term trade (around 6 months). Thanks Prashanth
  13. prst

    Issue with NSE SHORT DELIVERY (with Sharekhan)

    Hi , am using sharekhan for last 1 year. I have been facing this issue of short delivery couple of times now. last week (25th May) i placed limit order for 9 shares of VIP. at end of the day, i got mail and sms saying that order has been executed at the set price. I also got the mail...
  14. prst

    Which is the safer trading strategy

    Hi Friends, am looking for a trading strategy which is comparatively safer, although it may not give much higher returns. please guide me regarding this. 1. currently am trading in lots of 5k to 10k. for ex, i bought dlf, gt offshore,max and onmobile. Each of these i bought worth 5k. all...
  15. prst

    what is a buy back?

    Hi all, what is a buy back by company and what is its effect on the company shares? will it mean that the company will buy back only a percentage of shares? if so how do they decide which shareholders are eligible for the buy back? other shareholders, whose shares were not bought back...
  16. prst

    Info needed about dividend declaration and its aftermath

    Hi friends, I need some basic information regarding dividend declaration and its affect on the share value. my main source for this info is the nse-india site. I went through the link "Corporate Announcements" to get a list of companies declaring their divident in the immediate near...
  17. prst

    FSL Futures

    HI, I sold futures of FSL (First Source Solutions Limited) at 25. But now the scrip value has moved to 27. Please let me know if it has potential to move much further within the next couple of weeks. Should I hold, or should I buy another lot now to average it out. Currently am sitting on...
  18. prst

    Regarding crane software..

    hi friends, anybody has any idea why crane software is continuously on a downslide? Will it go further down, or any revival possilble? I had bought had 23 levels, and not sure if i should average now? thanks.. prashanth
  19. prst

    What is open interest?

    Hi, What does the term "open interest" mean, in context of F & O. how does it help in our buy/sell decision of an option.
  20. prst

    Bad experience with Angel broking

    Just wanted to share the bad exp i had with angel yesterday. I am using the angel trade software. yesterday i ran into problems with this software , for the n'th time :( . calling them up didnt help , nor did mailing them. I even requested for resetting password which was not done...