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    Plz - Exploration Help in AFL required.

    Hi Friends, Can somebody code this exploration for me 1. I want to explore only the candle which satisfy two conditions. ( Candle should be a "Near Doji + Hanging man" ) Thanks a lot - Got it ...
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    What is this System ?

    Hi Friends, Any idea about this system or anyone tried it ? Thanks
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    Astro Crude Trading

    Hi Friends. I recently came across a FB advt about Astro Crude Trading. The author claims that he predicts Crude oil closing with the help of Astrology. Is it true ? There were lot of books on Nifty as well ... Anybody bot those books ? See the performance of Crude for July...
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    Advisories - Caution

    Hi Admin, Recently I subscribed to two advisories who promised me they will provide operator based calls in FNO and Commodities. I Subscribed to them and found that they are No.1 FRAUDS. I am in no way advertising these fraudulent companies ... but making sure people don't fall prey...
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    Please Help - Need this simple change

    Can somebody help with this AFL : I want only red candles after sell arrow and only buy candles after buy arrow ... Don't need white candle condition. If there is a buy then until a sell signal comes all the candles should be in blue color and vice versa. Thanks a lot...
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    MCX EOD Database

    Hi Friends, Where can we download free MCX EOD database for amibroker ? Thanks
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    Anybody has this Trading System ?

    Hi Friends, Anybody has this Trading System for Metastock ... ? Thanks a lot
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    Hi Friends, Can somebody share the IEOD 5 min data for MCX Commodities ........ Thanks in advance ... Cheers
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    Worlds Best Trading System

    Hi Friends, I am being spammed by a person named Shoban Babu @ FB... He claims that his system is the best..... Find below the screen shots of the system in Excel, Mt4 indicator and Amibroker ...... Does anyone know about this system ?? http://www.sendspac Thanks
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    New Robot Trading

    Hi Friends, Any info about this Robot trading ...... htt p:// Thanks
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    Need Info about Broker

    Hi Friends, How to check out whether the broker is registered with NSE/SEBI and our money is safe if we open a demat account ? What are all the requirements ?? Thanks
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    Shareguru to NT7 Real time data

    I have got shareguru RT data, but unable to configure shareguru with NT7, Can anyone help me on this ? Thanks
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    What is this System ?

    Please delete this thread - Moderator
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    Important .. Plz help

    Friends, What was the price of Zinc on July 17 at 21:30 ? ( 9:30 pm ) Chart shows Lead was 120.40 at that time. Can somebody help me plz ... I want price of Zinc @ 9:30pm on July 17th Thanks
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    Help Please ?

    Hi Friends, I need an indicator which will give me buy/sell arrows on the chart when I Input my desired EMA value. For Ex : If I input 5 EMA on the parameters and attach to chart ... It should show me buy/sell arrows on the chart when the candle closes above or below 5 EMA. It will be...
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    Need Help - Please

    logic for buy entry : one minute EMA(90) crossing over one minute EMA(390) ( meaning the previous minute ema 90 is less than ema 390) and the ema(90) should also be greater than ema(150) logic for buy exit : one minute EMA(90) > EMA(390) and the ema(90) < ema(150). logic for sell...
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    Important : Levels for Nifty Spot

    Hi Friends, Can Somebody tell me how this level was derived in Nifty Spot ?? 5505 and 5469 on Nifty Spot as per EOD data of 20.08.2013 ... Whether its 3 ema or 21 sma or 14 SMA or any combination ?? Thanks
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    AFL Request Plz Plz

    Hi Friends, Can somebody code an AFL with exploration features for the following : 1. It should throw the Three Days SMA, Five Days SMA, Ten Days SMA, Fifteen Days SMA, Twenty Two Days SMA, Thirty Days SMA, Fifty Days SMA, Hundred Days SMA and Two Hundred Days SMA values for the scrip...
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    Req : Excel Sheet trading

    Does anybody have this Excel Sheet ? Thanks
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    Need this Simple AFL - Plz help

    Hello Friends, I need this simple AFL to be coded ... 1. Exploration function to throw out : 1 week High low, 2 week High low, 1 month High Low, 3 Month High low, 6 months High Low, 1 Year High low. 2. Also to plot Vertical line based on user input for the above. Thanks a lot