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  1. VJAY

    Ninja trader ---help

    Dear NT users, Am new to NT...I installed NT8.i want to test it before subscribing any data...please help me to import data(text file used in Ami) into NT and how can I use to see chart ...?
  2. VJAY

    Test Journal-Pair Trading

    This thread for keep journal for testing pair trading......
  3. VJAY

    Options-Paper Journal

    This thread for keeping my paper trades in Options... 1.8.2018...3.28 BNF @ 25570
  4. VJAY

    Protest against transaction fees and decreasing rate of interest on our deposits

    SBI NEW RULES FROM 1st APRIL'17 1. Minimum 3 times deposit free in your account, After more then 3 times deposit you will pay 50/- per deposit. 2. Minimum 5000/- balance maintain in metro city branch account holder. 3. Minimum 3000/- balance maintain in city/town branch account holder 4...
  5. VJAY

    Learn How To Fish

    My earlier same thread deleted some unknown reason.I recieved many PM's by newbies about that thread which link still there in my signature (which I not noticed):( .Though same related thread is there of Subhdip here...still I sharing my way of trades as am trading this simple way since long...
  6. VJAY

    Option chain for review

    Opening this thread to keep Nifty option chain in daily basis for backtest /testing purpose.As we all now for option testing we missing these backdata.
  7. VJAY

    General Chat with Crude :)

    Hi, Just opening this thread for chit chat with trading commodities.....:) Welcome here to all commodity traders...though am not much active trader in commodity but now days just checking crude with mini lot :) Hope all crude traders join here when boring happens.....:):D:rofl::rofl:
  8. VJAY

    Require Crude oil -IEOD data

    Friends, Please share IEOD data of crude oil @least 1year data to uptodate...
  9. VJAY

    My model portfolio

    This thread for keep my model portfolio as positional trading...As am small trader so not trading any positional its for fun and learning purpose...:)
  10. VJAY

    Testing BNF intra with 2 method

    3-5-2015 105/147
  11. VJAY

    My Trade Journal

    Will keep here my daily trade journal chart .....
  12. VJAY

    Worthy videos of Dr.N.Gopalkrishnan

    For me these videos helped to myself in life and as a trader...hope it will helps you too in many ways......:)
  13. VJAY

    Experiment with Options

    Am started this thread to keep actions of my experiments in Nifty options....trying hard to learn Options with little knowledge ...Threads of AW10 is inspiration for this...lets see what happen .........:) also special thanks to Healthraj for sharing his excel utility...
  14. VJAY

    Journey With OPTIONS

    This thread to keep some options data in options Backtest is not possible(atleast for me) :) keeping here daily data for future purpose....:) Thanks Raj for OAT utility which am using here.....
  15. VJAY

    GREAT posts (GEMS)

    This thread for keep great posts which I came across in TJ :)
  16. VJAY

    Compare NIFTY with 2 strategY

    This thread for keep record of trading 2 strategy in NIFTY to testing purpose...:)
  17. VJAY

    AFL Help needed

    Dear friends/AFL experts, Please help to modify following afl code..... Its ma line which change colour with its movement up-green down-red.flat blue...Now i want to show fig (approximate) of opposite change of colour currently its in green then I want to show the fig...
  18. VJAY

    TIMEPASS with COMMODITY trading :)

    Friends, Opening this thread for timepass when trading Commodity(am trading Crude only) as between 9.00PM to 11.00 PM many time too boring please all commodity traders join here for some fun /jokes/sharing news etc here so we can enjoy with trades.....:)
  19. VJAY

    Need HELP on AMI

    Dear Friends, I want another 3 charts same like above image...I want these all 4 charts with 4 time frames each in one window and need to access it with tab/any other short cut...Is it possible in AMI? eg..i want NF,BNF,Crude,Telco ...when I use tab i want abv image in each tab with diferent...
  20. VJAY

    My CRUDE trading journal

    Am starting posting my crude trades trades here ...though previously posted in other forum :)