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    My MF SIP Portfolio - Please advise

    Hi, Please verify my mutual fund SIP portfolio:- DSPBR Equity-G Rs. 3000 per month HDFC Top 200-G Rs. 9000 per month ICICI Pru Infrastructure-G Rs. 2000 per month IDFC Premier Equity Plan A-G Rs. 8000 per month Reliance Regular Savings Equity-G Rs. 3000 per month Please advise on...
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    Health Insurance for mother with Kidney disease

    My mother has kidney disease - she is not on dialysis because her creatinine level is yet not very high but in future she might have to go on dialysis after couple years. She is 56 years old. I tried Maxbupa but they said they cannot give her insurance cover because of her pre-existing...
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    Requesting advise on my portfolio

    I have been investing since one year through monthly SIP in following mutual funds:- HDFC Top 200-G Rs.9000 per month IDFC Premier Equity Plan A-G Rs.8000 per month DSPBR Equity-G Rs.3000 per month Reliance Regular Savings Equity-G Rs.3000 per month ICICI Pru Infrastructure-G Rs.2000 per...
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    Portfolio advise

    Hi All, Below is my total portfolio:- I have Rs1,70,000 already invested in Mutual Funds and continuing SIP in following MFs:- HDFC Top 200-G Rs. 9000 per month IDFC Premier Equity Plan A-G Rs. 8000 per month DSPBR Equity-G Rs. 3000 per month Reliance Regular Savings Equity Fund Rs...
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    Health Insurance for parents

    I want to take health insurance for my parents. Please advise me regarding some good health insurance plans. Also how well do they cover existing health conditions - my mother has a kidney disease and may also need a knee replacement in few years. Thanks for your advise and helpful pointers!
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    Investing in MIP

    Can I invest in MIP online? I have a demat account. Or do I need to take it at AMC office. I will prefer to invest online if that option is available. Please guide me. Also please advise on some good MIPs. Is Reliance MIP a good fund to invest in? Can I do MIP with growth option so that...
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    Sell or Hold Infosys

    I bought Infosys when it was Rs. 1000 level. I sold a part of it and got back more than my original investment. Now I am wondering if I should sell the remaining part of my holdings in infosys now that it is in the range of 2600 to 2700. Or should I continue to hold on to it. Any advise is...
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    Seeking advice on investing in bluechips

    Hi, I would like to invest in some bluechips for Long term. Is this a good time to buy some of the following stocks:- RIL DLF L&T ONGC NTPC Idea cellular HDFC SBI Airtel Tata power Tata motor TCS Or should I wait. What would be the good price to enter for each of these stocks...
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    Revisiting my MF SIP portfolio

    Eight months back I started monthly SIP in following MFs:- DSPBR Equity-G Rs. 3000 per month HDFC Top 200-G Rs. 5000 per month ICICI Pru Infrastructure-G Rs. 2000 per month IDFC Premier Equity Plan A-G Rs. 8000 per month I am 32 years old and can take good risk now. I am planning to stay...
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    LIC FD Jeevan Suruchi Vs. KVP

    Hi, I am looking to invest in some debt (have enough equity in the portfolio). I was thinking to invest in KVP Rs. 1 lakh because it's interest rate is more than 9% but I learned that there is TDS deduction in KVP. How much is the TDS so I can evaluate if it is still a better option. Recently...
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    DSP Merrill Lynch Mutual Fund

    Hi All, Can any one tell me about DSP Merrill Lynch Mutual Fund? How is the fund? Thanks in advance!
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    How to calculate interest rate on LIC policies?

    Let us say I take a policy from LIC where I pay 35000 per year for 20 years. If I survive the term of the policy, at the maturity I get 20 lakh. Now how do I calculate the interest I have earned?
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    MF Investment plan through SIP: Short-listed funds

    Hi, I am planning to invest in mutual funds through SIP. I want to invest in equity diversified funds (mix of low risk to avg risk leaning more towards low risk) targetting a return of around 20% in 3 years. Following are the short-listed funds. Please give your comments if this is a good...
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    Newbie Question on SIP

    I am planning to start a SIP for a year. At the end of the year if I do not have enough money and wish to stop the SIP, still can I hold my units with the fund? If in future I start another SIP, I can get more units. Should I track which units are from old SIP and which are from new? Or does...
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    Newbie: What do these mean?

    I am a newbie and trying to understand what do following mean? A.) if the stock breaks below 1995, investors can sell the stock with a strict stop loss of Rs 2020 to achieve a target of Rs 1910. B.) Resistance and Support Level for 11.08.09 R1 2118.40 R2 2149.20 R3 2183.40 PIVOT 2084.20...
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    Sell and Hold Infosys?

    Will infosys go higher than it's current levels? Shall I hold infosys or sell it?
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    Can I convert an LIC Child Insurance Policy to term insurance?

    Hi, I have a child insurance policy with LIC. Is it possible to convert it to my term insurance?
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    What should I do with Rs. 5 lakh?

    SIP is best - invest small amount regularly. But what if I have a lumpsump money of Rs. 5 lakh that I have that I want to invest rather keeping it idle. Please advise!