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  1. arunjrd16

    Real time data

    can anyone name a good real time data provider for nifty futures....:thumb::thumb:
  2. arunjrd16

    Volume price analysis with candlestick patterns

    To change background settings use below formula u can modify background settings with any afl using this formula...To use custom background color right click go to parameter...:thumb::thumb: _SECTION_BEGIN("Background Color"); BKswitch = ParamToggle("Background Color","On,Off")...
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    Volume price analysis with candlestick patterns

    /////////////////////////////////////////VSA////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Volume Price Analysis AFL - VPA Version 1.0 //AFL by Karthikmarar. Detailed explanation available at
  4. arunjrd16

    bollingerband with candlestick patterns

    useful candle patterns....
  5. arunjrd16

    bollingerband with candlestick patterns

    TO show the candle patterns Right click go to parameters -patter recognition -show pattern-yes :thumb::thumb:
  6. arunjrd16

    bollingerband with candlestick patterns

    candlestick patterns with bollinger band :thumb::thumb: // Author Abnash Singh @ [email protected] // pattern logic obtained from // Other references Candle Master _SECTION_BEGIN("MetaCandle"); BgColor=ParamColor("BgColor", colorBlack); SetChartBkGradientFill(...
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    correct the afl

    showing errors in this afl........... //R2=> Heinkin Ashi Price Action //R1=> Decorative Works _SECTION_BEGIN("Chart Settings"); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); SetChartBkColor(ParamColor("Outer Panel",colorPaleBlue))...
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    Correct the AFL

    /* Plot Graphic */ //GraphXSpace= 15 ; dynamic_color = IIf(pointer < 4, colorGreen, colorRed); //Plot(pointer, "TrendAdv2", dynamic_color, styleHistogram | styleThick, Null, Null, 0); //SetChartBkGradientFill(ParamColor("BgTop", colorWhite), ParamColor("BgBottom", colorLightYellow))...
  9. arunjrd16

    Correct the AFL

    showing error 32 in this afl ... _SECTION_BEGIN("1 IDENTIFIER"); //Plot(Close, "Close", colorWhite, styleCandle); Change = 3.0; GannIncrement = 0.0625; procedure PlotShapeAt( x, y, shape, shift ) { PlotShapes( IIf( BarIndex() == x, shape, 0 ), colorRed, 0, y, shift ); }...
  10. arunjrd16

    my friends -MASK OF ZORRO SYSTEM

    :thumb::thumb::thumb: _SECTION_BEGIN("Price"); //MASK OF ZORRO system //Long only if green & green //Short only if red & red //This code MOZ V1.0 developed by Ramesh Velidi(e mail: [email protected]). //It is posted here based on his permission. //Buy On green AND green BOTTOM...
  11. arunjrd16

    anyone have this afl

    try this one....:thumb::thumb: // AFL code by Edward Pottasch, Jan 2013 xx=BarIndex();x=xx;Lx=LastValue(x); rightStrength=Param("Fractal Pivot Right side Strength",5,0,50,1); leftStrength=Param("Fractal Pivot Left side Strength",10,0,50,1); CleanPivots=ParamToggle("Force Pivots to...
  12. arunjrd16

    Trendmaster or Southwind

    CAN anyone Describe the AFL known as TRENDMASTER OR SOUTHWIND....How to use this afl.....:thumb::thumb::thumb: /* This is "My Trend Master V.1" trading system, developed by Rashed Chowdhry; You will require T3_include afl and 2 more plugin 'JurikLib' and 'kpami' dll file to use this AFL. if...
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    THanks for the plugins now working fine :clap::thumb::thumb:
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    i have remove the spaces but still showing errors in my amibroker....My Ami broker version 5.4:(:(:(
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    _SECTION_BEGIN("Flower"); si=Param("Zoom/In Out",5,-50,100,1); GraphXSpace=si; r1 = Param( "ColorFast avg", 5, 2, 200, 1 ); r2 = Param( "ColorSlow avg", 10, 2, 200, 1 ); r3 = Param( "ColorSignal avg", 5, 2, 200, 1 ); m1=MACD(r1,r2); s1=Signal(r1,r2,r3); mycolor=IIf(m1<0...
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    Bollinger band afl

    BUYING AND SELLING SIGNALS Not coming at correct time getting delayed signals...........:(:(:(:(:( _SECTION_BEGIN(" Bollinger Bands with cross over and tweaked bar code"); P = ParamField("Price field",-1); Period = Param("Short Periods", 20, 15, 30, 1 ); Width =...
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    Rocket jet afl

    CAN ANYONE GIVE ME INSTRUCTIONS OF ROCKET JET AFL How to use it how the indicator works????:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  18. arunjrd16

    correct the errors

    please correct the errors......... _SECTION_BEGIN("Flower"); si=Param("Zoom/In Out",5,-50,100,1); GraphXSpace=si; r1 = Param( "ColorFast avg", 5, 2, 200, 1 ); r2 = Param( "ColorSlow avg", 10, 2, 200, 1 ); r3 = Param( "ColorSignal avg", 5, 2, 200, 1 ); m1=MACD(r1,r2)...
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    Afl for nifty options

    can anyone create an AFL for nifty options with targets and stoploss........:thumb::thumb:
  20. arunjrd16

    Correct my afl

    ANy other good AFLusing bollinger bands or any other indicators..