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    Pivot trading - Learners page

    Hi members as in the title says here posting charts and possible trades could be taken according to pivot method upto my knowledge what i learned (!?) . So Seniors , especially Subhadip bro , please ignore my learners mistakes / foolish postings :lol:. Also i invite fellow newbie members to...
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    desktop notifications

    Hi guys , is there any desktop notification alerts for new replies for my posts in thread , i have to refresh manually see whether i have replies ?
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    Nifty Feb. series FNO trade

    Hello Seniors and Experts please guide me to how to do , eagerly expecting your valuble replies. I am trying to set one safe and sure gains in one trade per month, buying feb fut and selling 8400 ce 1 lot , buying 1 lot 8400 pe and selling 2 lots 8200 will give 168 pts till nifty 8200 (all...