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    Amibroker to Nest (autoit Script tool)

    Hello, i have created this simple script to send orders from amibroker to nest trader
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    Total ask bid data from NestRTD Amifeeder

    Hello, would it be possible to import "total ask/bid qty data from NestRTD to amibroker i have tried to change the settings for this scrip like this Scrip1=nse_fo|NIFTY19JANFUT;NIFTY19JANFUT;LTP;LTT;Volume Traded Today;Open Interest;Total Ask Qty;Total Bid Qty however the console doesn't...
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    AFL for take profit

    Hello, I want to define takeprofit and stoploss in points. i can't use ApplyStop function as i am using bridge to send orders to nest. takeprofit = Ref(BuyPrice,0) + 10 ; Sell = takeprofit; how can i refer to price directly and add or subtract its value ? Thanks
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    Data feed on MT4/Ninja Trader

    Hi, I saw the josh1's post which provides free real time data to amibroker, But since i don't have an account with broker yet, its not possible for me to get the live data feeds. i was wondering if there's anyway to get live data feeds in MT4 or Ninja trader for free ? PS: If the above...
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    Nest Trader Automated Trading - Help with Scripting

    Hello, I need some help with scripting for nest plus, Is there a list of all syntax used for indicators (eg SOPK/SOPD is used for stochastic ) also is it possible to import current market price ? Thanks