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    FYERS API Discussions

    @FYERS_Team where can I get the updated symbol master on daily basis?
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    FYERS API Discussions

    I attempted to get the historical data from NSE site through python, but running the programme nothing happening also no error is coming. However python programme running for more than 1 hours but no result. Any one know how to get the historical data from NSE ?
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    FYERS API Discussions

    FYERS API related queries and general discussion.
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    General Trading Chat

    Hi, I am looking for some info from the members. Basically, I came across Traders Cockpit and anyone has any feedback about kindly help me out. 1. Review about Traders Cockpit 2. It's most useful feature 3. How good is for back-testing? 4. How is the experience for Options trading as they...
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    Which mobile platform do you like the most?

    I agree. Fyers platform is one of the best trading platform.. But one must admit that they are focusing a lot on their web but not on Fyers One or mobile.. Regardless, it is better than other options. So far I only traded with 3 brokers so can't comment on everyone's platform.