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    From where to start investing?

    How long have you been using Forexchief broker? I started trading on their platform two months ago and it is a very good place to trade; everything is perfect. I hope it continues this way for a long time. Have you experienced any issues with this broker so far?
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    Debit / Credit card issues, frauds, problems etc..etc..

    I don't save my money on an account that has a debit/credit card and internet banking attached to it. So not matter what kind of Fraud, my money cannot be touched unless the bank itself touches. I prefer to go to the bank and stand a long queue just to get my money. It is stressful, but safer...
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    deposit methods for Indian forex traders

    Indians should trade with brokers that allows local bank transfers. It shows that the broker has good authority in that area and transactions will go smoothly. When I looked through the FXTM payment methods I saw that they offer local bank transfers with Indian Banks. But make sure you read...
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    How to Start Crude oil Trading in Foreign Market?

    Crude oil prices are nice at the moment owing to improving discussions to cut output among major producers within and outside the OPEC.
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    Weekly Forex Updates

    For now the euro is down against the dollar with the latest decision of the ECB to carry on with its assets purchasing program. There is more uncertainty around the dollar with many looking up to the next US Fed meeting.
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    Predict the market

    Price action can help you predict the market. You could tell future price movement from previous market movement say using pinbars or reversals.
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    My demo trading (Path to success )

    Demo is very vital as it helps you learn trading without the pressure of losing your money. You have to take your demo seriously before moving to live account.
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    Is Forex less risky then share business

    Forex is risky but you can manage your risk exposure, one way is via using risk management techniques like stop loss.
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    which news to follow trade in eur/usd

    The recent US job data was impressive. This pointed strongly to increased interest rates coming from the US Federal Reserve early next year.
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    Knowin When To Use Your Trading Strategy

    Your forex strategy must align with the trading conditions in the market. You can not be using one simple moving average to find the trend in a market undergoing consolidation.
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    Help me out how to read charts

    Simply learn your price action. It is the foundation of technical analysis and chart studying. To me, it is the mother of all indicators.
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    What is Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis is quite different from technical analysis. While technical analysis focuses more on analyzing charts, fundamental involves analyzing news. I like to combine both however.
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    How much risk is involved Forex trading?

    Yes forex is risky but we have risk management to control the risk. Using stop losses.
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    A trader must practice Yoga

    Yoga is not necessary per say for forex. One thing both forex and yoga demand is concentration and focus.
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    forex analysis December 10

    This December the major source of attention to traders will be the US Federal Reserve and if the much anticipated interest rate hike would still occur by the end of the year.
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    MCX Crude/Gold views and my trade

    Gold has been doing pretty well this year boosted by the instability in the dollar regularly prompting flights into safe haven commodities.
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    Is Forex less risky then share business

    Both of them have their risk elements as both are businesses. Just that for shares, the risk is more long term while in forex it is quicker and you can even scalp and gain huge pips within minutes.
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    Wake up!

    Wake up from your losses and get to the reality that forex is business, forex is work. You have to realize that to get the pips, you must put in work. You should perfect your experience on one strategy.
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    What is the difference Between purchasing and selling?

    If I understand you well, in the forex market currencies are traded in pairs. If you think the relative value of the euro will increase against the dollar, you can go long on a EURUSD trade.
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    Stocks vs Commodity vs Forex

    Among all, forex boasts the best of liquidity as it is even decentralized unlike stocks which is kind of centered around the Wall Street.