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    Wrong execution of Currency orders in NSE..

    Today I had placed Sl-M order for 5 lots of GBPUSD July Future at 15.20 hrs with a trigger price of 1.3235. I had a buy position of 5 lots of GBPUSD before placing this order. To my utter surprise I find this order got executed at 16.39 hrs. At 16.39 hrs neither NSE or international markets...
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    My Nifty Trading system - Should I scale up?

    Hi Friends, I am giving below my live Nifty trading performance from 9/11/2015 till 29/01/2016 i.e for a period slightly shorter than 3 months. Based on my system - which is a pure intraday model with no carry forward trades - there were 82 trades in this period and total cumulative profit...