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    Is this good or bad?

    Bought 20 lots Bharatiartl Call 360 for average of 3.91/- yesterday. Today morning gave a sell order for 5/-. The price shot up fast and the order was executed. Price went up to 7.50/- today. My profit before brokerage and other charges 21,800/-.:o Even if I sold for 7/- profit would be...
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    Dear Friends, Beware of Daytrading. It's only for skilled professionals with hi-tech trading systems. I say this from my experience. I lost about 6 lacs from a trading capital of 11 lacs during the correction at the beginning of last year. It hurt a lot but I was able to get over it because...
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    registering at sharekhan

    Hi ppl, Im taking my first steps in the world of trading. The broker i chose is sharekhan. While filling the client registration form of sharekhan the rep asked me to sign on 4 non-judicial stamp papers of 20/- . Does anyone know what it is for? Thanks in advance. Sameer
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    Mutual fund payments

    Hello friends, Is it necessary to make the payments for the Mutual Funds by cheques? Do they accept cash? Thanking you in advance. Sameer
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    Please advise!

    Hi Friends, I have a problem and would be thankful if someone can give some advice. I have been an NRI for the past 9 yearsa and I have sent money to india through my NRE bank account. Problem - I have about 10 lakhs in cash in India(the source of the cash was sale of property in...
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    One question!

    Hi friends, I just started learning about investing & shares. It would be helpful if anyone could clear this out - Suppose a company's share costs Rs. 500 and the EPS was 60. Does this mean a shareholder will get Rs.60 per share annually? If yes the annual returns is 12%. Right...
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    Hi Friends

    Hi Friends, Just joined now. Looks like a very friendly & helpful forum. I'm a newbie. I dont plan to trade until I learn everything that has to be learnt. I have started reading everthing and anything that's even remotely related to trading. Came across this forum by chance while...