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    Using international brokers with local depost.

    Just a question, which payment method Indian can use to deposit/withdraw from international Forex brokers?
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    I have a question, does hotforex have servers located in other region outside EU, because for traders locate in Asia or Australia, the trading latency could be higher and affect excution.
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    MT5 is not too new but it's a worthy upgrade for MT4 with some advanced features. The highlighted change of this broker is bitcoin trading.
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Does this broker provide MT5 or other platform except MT4?
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    Bitcoin trading

    Bitcoin current price is its true price, 20-30k is how sharks ate small traders.
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Bitcoin is one sideway and is it looking for support to bounce to another high price level?
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Seems you're believing it's recovery? I doubt it but I get no clue for its movement in the future. I just notice some news that Bitcoin could get back. To me, it's too enough, I should back to usual trading.
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Not really understand your post, are you talking about Bitcoin trading?
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Does this broker have Bitcoin for trading? Is it CFD or single pair?
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Anyone trading with this broker?
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    How to choose a broker that won't leave you broke?

    Sounds you're an experienced trader. The best and simple way is finding a good trader (long trading and earning a lot) and trade his broker. You could try same trading conditions.
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    Starts with Biginning

    Anyone know a good forex broker to trade in India?
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    Starts with Biginning

    LMFX? sounds familiar, is it another old broker changed name?
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    Hotforex MT4 troubles

    Also, anyone here experienced with MT5?
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    trusted broker?

    IronFx is unable to pay any amount, just avoid this.
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    Anyone here is HotForex IBs, I want to ask you some questions regarding the rebate?
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    Can learning technical analysis help you earn money?

    most broker have edutional section, I learnt a lot from it. I think it is worth to check if you are trading with a broker.
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    Very Beginer level Questions

    How the trading conditions applied to stock, we can trade with currency trading conditions?
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    lowest funds withdraw fees

    Just pick one that applies minimal withdrawal and develivery fee to your country. To me, it's Skrill.
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    This leverage is only for Micro account and you can keep your possition with any leverage until your equity don't get over the stop out levels.