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    CANSLIM William O'Neil Stock Pick

    Dear Members, I am looking for someone to work with on applying CANSLIM stock pick strategies on Malaysian Equities. If you are an expert and can give a review on the equities, I appreciate your acquaintance. [email protected]
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    Best Sell Trigger...

    Dear Fellow Traders, I am a Metastock user. I currently use Sell Trigger... When... Today's Close is Lower Than The 9 Day Exponential Moving Average. Can any samaritan here willing to share any other Sell Signal that is better than this. If possible we all could to...
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    Plotting Coloured Volume Bars in Metastok Charts

    Dear Metastock Users, Is there anyone who could help me out to the write the following formula... 1.When Close is Higher than the Previous Close 2.When Close is Lower than the Previous Close 3.When Close is the Same as the Previous Close 4.When is Close equal to Open I want to plot...