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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    I think they are offering the most cheaper pricing in launching offer. Like ₹19999 for 200 symbols = 24 months (@833 per month) & ₹29999 for 250 symbols = 24 months (@1249 per month). Its less than half price as comparing with TD and GFDL.
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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    I m already using GFDL and also checked with TD previously but no one has supported Market Profile Chart in Multicharts App, They said it works with Esignal only.
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    Ask-Bid Ratio... does this explanation make sense?

    Shall I get Point and FIgure and Order FLow chart in Market Delta? Who is the approx cost and plan for short term trader?
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    General Trading Chat

    Please contact TrueData for Historical IEOD.
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    Reliable Data Feed for Amibroker

    1 Mbps you can use for 5 symbols (Velocity Lite). You can see in product comparison page in TrueData website, they have already mentioned internet speed required (more than 4 Mbps) to load 200 symbols. See in product comparison...
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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    I have subscribed for VALVNET three months back.....they are not providing realtime quotes and time&sells in Amibroker. That's why subscribed TrueData again... It's 1 application connect to multiple software it's really great for intraday traders. Now I can track my portfolio in Realtime...
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    Advanced Order Flow Analysis and Practicing of Order Flow for better Trade Decision

    Re: Advanced Order Flow Analysis and Practicing of Order Flow for better Trade Decisi now TrueData start supporting in NT8 they are official partner of NinjaTrader that's why in NT8 they are providing dedicated (TrueData_NT_Plugin)plugin. It's works faster thn NT7...
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    Best real time data provider in India

    I have purchase Velocity Optima Plus NSE EQ and FnO but and I am getting 500 symbols at a time with TruData...Please contact them they will help you for all setup also...:thumb:
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    Order Flow and volume profile trading

    How can I get Order Flow chart in Amibroker ?
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    LIVE quotes on Excel

    As of today, you can do Real time & Hisotrical Excel Integration with TrueData Velocity 2.0 >> This will work with Amibroker & Ninja 7 also at the same time, while the data goes to EXCEL Excel Data Photos >>
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    Any reliable RT data provider for NSE (other than GDFL)??

    Go for TrueData it's reliable and affordable also...yes truedatafeed and TrueData both are can see the live banner of TrueData in Traderji
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    where to find nse gainer and loser historical data

    yes that app is really useful I am also using that..:thumb:
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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    TrueData is the only Indian Data vendor who provide the Tick Data upto 20 trading can't find anywhere with this's really reliable...It's Tick not 1 min chart....
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    General Trading Chat

    Have you ever try TrueData ? Go for it, it's really reliable and cost effective thn GFDL...
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    Whats going on with Truedata?

    yes, they had an issue with their current day history yesterday.....realtime was fine. today looks OK..
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    Whats going on with Truedata?

    I have been using TrueData services on and off for the last 4 months. The support is exceptional....only once in a while the responses are delayed when there is an issue when everyone is trying to contact them, but they do follow up. Yesterday they seem to have been slow in adjusting to...
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    General Trading Chat

    Currently NEST+ and after sometime later on they will add Zerodha Pi and MasterTrust as per the mail. I think the approval in pipeline that's why they have not launch Auto.
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    General Trading Chat

    I sent a query to TrueData and they have sent Image of upcoming Auto Trading Software....Have a look .... Looks Interesting ..:) They said the expected time to launch Auto Trading Software after Diwali..:thumb: :clapping:
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    RT datafeed to amibroker

    TrueData provide RT Equity and FnO data for Ami,Ninja,Adv Get,Multicharts etc.:clap: