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  1. manojborle

    Manoj's Trading Diary

    Good morning everybody I will start posting my trades here, as of now they will be paper trades as i am just back from ship. I will also share strategies I have learned till now. I trade basically with indicators ADX and RSI for intraday. These are used for entry and exits. I use Supply...
  2. manojborle

    Trader's Group Pune

    Hi friends. I am starting a new thread where we can form a group of traders from Pune and nearby places. We can discuss here about everything related to trading from brokers to trading strategies and all. Looking forward to participation from people. Thanks Manoj
  3. manojborle

    Manoj's Trading Diary

    Hi friends. I will start my trading diary, in fact paper trade records so that I will get the data required for my trading system and trading plan. I will start paper trading from monday and before that I will share my trading plan here. I have tried to accomodate almost all important things...
  4. manojborle

    Distance Measurement

    Dear Experts I was reading Demark's book for TD Lines and TD Points. Here he mentions TD Price Projector which requires distance to be measured from Highest high/Lowest Low to TD line. How can we do this in amibroker where it will give us the choice to select any 2 points vertically and...
  5. manojborle

    Stock Split data

    Hi guys Can anybody Please tell me where can I find correct dates and ratios of NSE Stock Splits ? I have downloaded data for equity segment but needs to be adjusted for splits etc.
  6. manojborle

    Midpoint of candle

    How can we mark midpoint of a candle on a candle in a chart ?
  7. manojborle

    EOD data update

    Hi all I have created NSE Cash database from inception and now daily I download bhavcopy from nse website and then import it to Amibroker. The problem is the bhavcopy contains all scrips whereas the data I am maintaining has less scrips as I am deleting the scrips which are very thinly traded...
  8. manojborle

    Amibroker queries

    Hi friends I have a query regarding timeframes. I have drawn support resistance lines in weekly timeframe. When I change it to Daily timeframe, all the lines disappear. If i want to keep these lines what can i do ? Does it have anything to do with layers ? Hoping to get a reply soon...
  9. manojborle

    Manoj's Trading Diary

    Hi friends I will start my trading diary here. I was doing it under wrong thread before. :)
  10. manojborle

    Time & sales window

    Hi all Can anybody tell me whether there is any way to copy time & sales data to excel or something so that I can learn more about bid and ask prices ?
  11. manojborle

    Manoj's Trading Diary

    Dear traders I will start posting my trades here. I am using Price action theory for making my decisions. 1. 5 minute candlestick chart 2. 20 period EMA and that's all and nothing else. Will start posting from today
  12. manojborle

    My Day trading diary

    I will start posting my day trades here from today and why I took the trade
  13. manojborle

    Help in amibroker

    Hi all I have some queries regarding data feed in amibroker Is it possible to use 2 or more data feeds at a time in amibroker ? (such as opening 2 instances of amibroker and giving it data feed from 2 different provides) (like one database EOD and other 1 intraday OR 1 equity database...
  14. manojborle

    tick data import to Excel

    Hi friends I heard we can take data from Nesttrader to excel, so I subscribed to it. But when during market time when I use the option write to excel in Nest trader it opens a dialogue box to save a file and when saved an excel file opens with the scrip selected but no data is changing...
  15. manojborle

    Day trading Basics

    Dear all As the tiltle suggests the thread will contain basics for Day trading. I am doing trading from last 2 years but still I am not able to find a system suitable for me. From today I started reading "The Compleat Day Trader Vol. I" by Jake Bernstein and have decided that whatever I...
  16. manojborle

    Adding attachment

    Good Evening Sir, I have started a new thread where I want to post charts daily where I have taken a trade. When I reply to the thread, it says you have finished your qouta of 100 Kb How can I add the attachments to my thread daily ?
  17. manojborle

    Need help to write afl for this

    Hi all I am new to using amibroker and trading also. I was just playing with EMA's and plotted them on 5 minute chart as shown. I am using EMA of HIGH and LOW price for 20 and 50 period. Conditions are : Bullish view 1 . EMA-20 crosses over EMA-50 (Both High and Low at the same...
  18. manojborle

    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone how are you all I have been trading since last 2 years, not fulltime only when I am on leave (I am marine engineer by profession). I am trading with Ventura Securities which provide me decent brokerage I think. This forum is really helpful to newcomers like me. Thanks
  19. manojborle

    Realtime data from Data Feeder

    Hi all Good Afternoon.. I am using Data feeder, a free utility to fetch real time data into amibroker. It says to keep logged on to yahoo to get real time data which i do, but still my data is not real time and I think it is 10-15 minutes delayed. Please guide what I can do about this or...