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    Metastock Code 2--

    Can you Convert this AFL to Metastock Coding /* HARMONIC PATTERN DETECTION for free trial data nse mcx ncdex one Minute format 6 Month backfill Contact anurag gupta 9255191643 */ _SECTION_BEGIN("Price")...
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    Metastock Code 1--3 D HLC

    Can anyone convert the above Amibroker AFL to Metastock indicator Code?
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    Metastock Code 1--3 D HLC

    _SECTION_BEGIN("MA Crossover Unicolor"); Plot(EMA(Close,3),"3-EMA",colorYellow,1); Plot(EMA(Close,5),"5-EMA",colorBlack,4); r=EMA(C,3); a=EMA(C,5); no=Param( "Swing", 5, 1, 55 ); res=HHV(H,no); sup=LLV(L,no)...
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    Amibroker AFL for Trading

    Hi, anyone have Amibroker AFL for Pair Trading/Arbitrage Trading to NSE Scripts
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    Banknifty and Nifty Pairs trade

    Hi all, is there any software to do pair trading other then PAIR TRADE FINDER, becz it does not support any indian exchanges. Please let me know if any one find other than PAIR TRADE FINDER
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    Pair trading softwares enquiry

    PAIRTRADER FINDER does not support indian exchanges, enquired with their support team. Please give me some other softwares for pair trading.
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    Pair trading softwares enquiry

    PAIR TRADE FINDER Does not support indian exchanges, i enquired with there support team. let me give some other sofware
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    Pair trading softwares enquiry

    Dear All, As i am new to PAIR Trading (Arbitrage). Is there any software to find good pairs for NSE F&O. Currently i am using, and getting some good results. I am looking a software to understand quickly and should be easy to use. if any members find kind of software please let me know.