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    General Trading Chat

    HDFC Bank has entered OB zone, long shadows forming on bull candles, CMP - 2125. Possible resistance at 2130?
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    General Trading Chat

    Is Dr Reddy Lab forming a symmetrical triangle?
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    Will RCOM cross below Rs. 3?

    Company has gone bankrupt. Still you're expecting the price to go above 10? :\
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    Will RCOM cross below Rs. 3?

    Comment your opinions.
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    Axis Bank, TCS and Wipro in overbought zone. Good time to buy Put option?

    I'm tracking daily price movements as of now, waiting for trend reversal. Any suggestions regarding which strike price to choose?
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    Axis Bank, Wipro and TCS in overbought zone, should I sell or hold?

    Axis Bank and Wipro are trading all time high, is it good time to sell these shares? I'm a derivatives trader as well. I'm figuring out accurate strike price for put option. Your views?