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    Hi, I am a techie and would like to contribute towards various products of FYERS.Is it possible?
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    Trader from delhi ncr interested in talking?

    I am good brother.Trading is going on good too.How about you.
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    Any LIC policy which can pay 3-5 cr after 15-20 years

    I would like to take policy for my daughter which can give me good returns say in 12-15 years which then can be utilized for her higher education or marriage.Earlier i took HDFC SL Young Star Super Premium but it has given very poor returns in last 4 years and now planning to switch towards LIC...
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    Getbhavcopy is not working

    Whats issue over here?Why its not working?
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    How can I can contribute to your suite of products as I know FIX and .Net and Java as well.
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    Download 1 minute IEOD for NSE-EQ, FnO, COMMODITY & CDS- ABOUT 18MONTHS DATA...!

    Can I convert this into say 5 min or 30 min or hourly in Amibroker?Will that work?
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    Book request : Mark minervini - Think and trade like a champion

    Please share this new book PDF
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    Trader from delhi ncr interested in talking?

    Hello.I am from Delhi too.
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    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    Keep an eye on Torrent Pharma.
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    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    It has already moved from 65-103 and now got tired.So it might consolidate or retrace a bit for some time before rising further.
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    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    I also follow elliot wave and no two person will have same wave counts as elliot wave is too subjective.So sharing your wave count will give you more insights.
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    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    DLF is a buy with target of 220-223.Its in momentum.
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    Options strat Trading diary -

    On what basis you select Nifty strikes for Strangle.Is it S&R?
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    Charts for the Day

    Better to trade Index as its less difficult because any pullback is being used to go Long.For e.g,today on Hourly timeframe Nifty turned sharply from EMA20 and created nice big bull candle where one could have gone long and minted money.
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    15 min. Breakout - tradingisfishing

    I am bullish on Maruti.
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    15 min. Breakout - tradingisfishing

    So your stock selection criteria remains same which is making use of 15 min candle that 'tradingisfishing' used?
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    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    Berger Paints and Voltas
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    Full time traders from Jaipur?

    I was also working in leading Investment Bank in Gurgaon and left it.Myself staying in Delhi.
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    Trading system - coding for a fee

    Within Python,how should one proceed with developing a system.I am aware of Python and C# but need projects to go with them and develop systems.
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    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    Not sure why you using 200EMA and not 200MA because what i have observed is that most successful traders make use of EMA for shorter duration and MA for longer timeframe.So for e.g,20EMA and then we have 100MA,200MA etc.Just my thoughts.