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    Intraday data for ncdex

    dear Friends does anyone provide intraday datafeed for ncdex for sfwares like metastock or amibroker?
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    Looking for a trader/dealer in Delhi

    hi Friends I am looking fr a trader/dealer in New Delhi who can work primarily in the mcx. the timings wd be frm afternoon to 11.30 in the night. if required, salary/salary slip wd be given by a reputed broker. the only requirement is bona fide credentials and a good working knowledge of...
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    Is Technical Analysis a farce

    I have been trading the market for the past 15 yrs. I have personally spent a lot of time & money in learning TA. The only rich analyists I have come across are the ones who are selling software, charting services, trading systems, tips etc. but am yet to meet a technician who has made serious...
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    hi.. everyone

    I am in the field of short term trading for the past 15 yrs, profitable at times n breaking even at others. In all these years I have found only a very few successful traders. would like to know about other successful traders and benefit from their experience if possible.