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    Goldman Sachs CPU ETF listing

    Has the Goldman Sachs CPU ETF been listed in NSE today? IF so, what is the rate it is quoting. I could not see any quoting.
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    Banking sector funds

    Almost all banks are quoting very low. Hence i feel it is time to invest in MF's investing on Banking sector.
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    rvm123's recommendations

    I think I can also give my recommendations. Those who follow the same may kindly comment. My recommendations are purely on eps, p/e ratio, book value only. The following seems to be a good buy VTM Ltd @ about 15/- Cheviot Co @ about 330/- Gloster @ about 425/- State Bank of Travancore @...
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    Twilight litika pharma

    I want to know about M/s. Twilight Litika Pharma. If somebody can give some details, it will be helpful. The promoter's share of equity has reduced drastically.
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    zylog systems

    zylog systems at Rs.425/- seems to be fundamentally strong. I had bought 50 shares at Rs.401/- last week. What about the future of this com
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    p/e ratio

    can anyone suggest any site where companies with lease p/e ratios could be identified. some time back, i remember i have seen in but now it is not available. can anyone help me