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    Simple coding help in metastock

    Hi, I want to find the average of High - low for last 21 or 55 candles in 5 mins time frame. What is the command to use in Indicator instead of using the ref function. Help appreciated. Sri
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    Horizontal line sin Indicator panes- Help needed

    Hi, This is pretty basic question. I use a indicator pane and plot RSI (14) and RSi(25). I watch for crossover of the zero line. Every time I change a scrip the zero line needs to be redone. How do I set up the indicator pane to display the zero line always for all scrips. Thanks in...
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    AFL coding help needed

    Hi AFL experts, I use the following nbar AFL which will print an arrow on candles that have a close above last 4 bars .I need help to change the colour of the bars to green when the TRENDUP is printed and all subsequent bars to be green until the TRENdown occurs when candles will turn RED...
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    RMO- ATM counter trend indicator

    I use the RMO plugin and use the ATM counter trend indicator for some of the high beta stocks for day trading.. I feel dumb in using something without knowing what is its construction. Seniors, will anybody know what is this based on so that I get an idea of how the prices may move based on...
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    New explorer programming help

    Hi, I am trying to create an explorer for displaying the current trend values of all scrips. The indicator that is available is P & F Trend that nees to be used. My requirments is 1. list out all scrips that has had had a change in P & F trend value from -1 to + 1 or vice versa as...
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    Transferring metastock Experts and explorations

    I need help in the following areas as I am changing to a new laptop 1. how do I transfer the experts and exploration created in my old laptop into my new laptop. 2. Metastock verison is 10.1 in my old laptop and the new version is 11 3. I am unable to loacte the file directory in which...
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    Aget - MOB indicator

    Has anyone figured out how the MOB in Aget is calculated and is that possible to calculate on data outside of Aget ...say in Metastock or other TA software's. Is the formula available? Sri
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    Indicator programming assistance needed

    I use Metastock ver 10 and need assistance in developing an indicator and an explorer to catch the following. 1. consider the last 4 bars including the current bar 2. The last bar should have the lowest range(high-low) and should have a lower high and higher low than the earlier bar(inside...
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    XTL formula for metastock

    I am trying to locate among these post, if XTL formula is available for Metastock. I am not sucessfull in findinbg the thread. If someone can help, thanks in advance. Sri