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  1. rkripal

    How to find old post??

    Hi friends... Is there a way to find old posts of senior members. I can see 20 pages of past posts but is it possible to see all posts by a member here?? Thanks
  2. rkripal

    NIFTY_F1 data needed

    Hello friends.... can some help me to get nifty futures(nifty only, no stocks) intraday data for past 5 years.. or post a link if someone has already shared..... would be of great help... thanks
  3. rkripal

    f&o lots to be revised

    Hi Friends... if you are not a person with deep pockets, thn trading will no more be your cup of tea. i am also falling in same catagory:D. will have to quit trading and look for some thing else because SEBI has gone crazy. all f&o scrips lot to be revised. see the link below...
  4. rkripal

    ASCII (eod) data needed

    hello i am looking for nifty / nifty fut eod data in ASCII format for amibroker if anyone can provide data or link to source will be of great help. thanks kripal
  5. rkripal

    is this a software prob?

    Hello all i m trying to open data downloader and pibtoms but not able to open them. whenever i click the application is displays following messages. i dont have much knowledge of computers. Please help me to find a solution to this problem thank you kripal
  6. rkripal

    msf formula

    Hello does anyone know about msf formula pls tell me how to write that in metastock. thanks kripal
  7. rkripal

    PIB data to Amibroker

    Hello all i am using Power Indiabulls and i want to convert live streaming data to amibroker from PIB. i have tried pibtoami but its asking for registration. i dont know the registration process hv tried for tht. please let me know how can i do tht. if there is any other link...
  8. rkripal

    PIB Chart settings

    Hello friends. i am using power indiabulls software for trading and using PIB intraday charts too. I want to know that is it possible to save PIB intraday chart backgrounds and candles with different colors. it saves indicators settings, i have tried to save intra chart with black...