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    Discussion about Renko : (from Varun's thread)

    To take the discussion of the proposed Renko chart further and to get automatic adds just remove the boxes from the final chart and colour code the candles (Green above the last box and red below it. You would get automatic coloured regions as pivots to trail and add.
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    My Bank Nifty Option trades.

    Hi everybody. I would like to seek all of your good wishes to embark upon this seemingly impossible journey of doubling my investment in 20 Trades or less. May the markets give me timely insights of deciphering its moves.
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    My Crudeoil Trades.

    Hi. I am opening this thread solely as a diary for my intraday crudeoil trades starting with 1crudeoil mini lot and adding as per signals generated. My starting Capital would be Rs.5000 and i would be challenging myself to double it in 30days or less. Just stretching my self to the limit after...
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    My System - My trades.

    Hi. I have posted a lot of stuff in TUNA ji's thread. Will not repeat those over here. Just treat this thread as a diary and for chit chat and exchanging ideas.