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  1. bunti_k23


    Hello guys, i have this ST da s gap code here i need this code in mql4 file. if anybody interested to do it, i will pay for his hard work this wont be a free job. the code is listed below. _SECTION_BEGIN("SMART TRADE ZONES"); x=BarIndex(); rightStrength=Param("Fractal Pivot Right side...
  2. bunti_k23

    Need this concept AFL code in mql4 code

    Hello guys i have this ST sir s code here, iam looking for mt4 code for this any help is appreciated free or paid welcome..... /////////////////////////////////// _SECTION_BEGIN("SMART TRADE ZONES"); x=BarIndex(); rightStrength=Param("Fractal Pivot Right side Strength",3,0,50,1)...
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    how to write in mt4

    how to write this in mt4 language? Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color", colorDefault ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle("Style") | GetPriceStyle() ); Buy = C > O; Sell = C < O; Cover=Buy; Short=Sell; shape = Buy * shapeUpArrow + Sell * shapeDownArrow; PlotShapes( shape, IIf( Cross(H,Buy)...
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    A paid coding project

    Hello coder guys hope you are well, i have an afl which i want to convert it into MT4 code(editable version). here is my requirement, 1 - i need two codes with slight change in buy sell condition 2 - you need to explain me where you made the changes in the code and how to identify the syntax...
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    Hi guys, iam trying to learn MT4 coding from this website anybody has any idea about this, iam trying to plot the blocks however looks like it is not showing on mt4 chart...any idea about this
  6. bunti_k23

    Lets meet mumbai

    Hey guys, lets meet and discuss ideas on a weekend. what i can discuss is trade ideas amibroker afl coding learning mt4 coding just a started technical analysis concepts price action money management basic concepts of options different markets so let me know what things you can discuss with...
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    Need coding help.... guys do anybody have any idea abt this utility? will it fetch realtime data from iqoptions? and how to use it. sorry iam coding illliterate:p
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    Anybody using amiquote latest version?

    Hi guys, anybody using amiquote latest version, i heard there is data source option in it. i want to know how many datasources can be used in it and how it works. like if we put any website url in it will it start to fetch data from that directly? pls help i want to purchase amibroker based on...
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    Ready to pay for the utility

    Hi guys iam looking for the utility which will fetch the realtime data from olypmtrade website to amibroker, can anyone help me on this. also i want to make a robot of my trading system which will execute trades automatically when signal appears. just like robotrade of olymptrade it has a google...
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    cryptocurrency realtime datafeed service

    does anybody using data service for cryptocurrency for amibroker? if yes can you pls suggest me some good data service providers?
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    Hello guys, does anybody know how to feed realtime data of iqoptions to amibroker or is there an other data provider available which provides realtime data feed to ami?
  12. bunti_k23

    A brief study on nifty options for intraday

    A STUDY ON NIFTY OPTIONS Hy Guys:), As name suggests this will be the Study/Research on Nifty options. I have a directional trading system which I will be using it on Nifty future charts and iam planning to trade it from a long time but I needed a research like this that will...
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    trend blaster system

    this system showing some great profits ,do backtest it with good historical data. _SECTION_BEGIN("Magnified Market Price"); //by Vidyasagar, [email protected]// SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); FS=Param("Font Size",30,11,100,1); GfxSelectFont("Times New Roman"...
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    money management for directional trading system

    Hello guys seniors/option experts i need your suggestions/ideas/views here im confused to design proper mm in option .here is the plan im concerned only in buying the options, Instruement = nifty options. Capital = 10000. No. Of lots =1 i.e 25qty. Trading system type = directional trading...
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    pls merge these afls

    NW[0] = 0; NW[BarCount-1] = Null; for(i=BarCount-1;i>1;i--) { if(Buy[i] == 1) { entry = H[i]; sig = "BUY"; sl = Ref(NW,-1); tar1 = entry + (entry * .0050); tar2 = entry + (entry * .0092); tar3 = entry + (entry * .0179); bars = i; i = 0; } if(Sell[i] == 1) { sig = "SELL"...
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    help needed regarding options

    Guys i want to trade in options ( directional trading ONLY BUYING) using the trading system on nifty charts .but im confused on which nifty charts i shd use.i know options are derivatives derived frm underlying .here underlying is nifty cash market or nifty future , but future is also derivative...
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    stocks and index analysis

    in this thread i will be posting my analysis on indexes and stocks. NOTE : these are not trades these are just analysis ,trades can be initiated by considering this analysis with our own risk apetite.:cheers:
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    polynomial curve

    bajao taliya.............:clapping::clapping::clapping: ye hai polynomial curve ,parameter setting mese lookback period badado ,but this is dynamic not a stationary one so that is a prob anyone want to improve this or anyone has sum gud idea pls participate... // COG: Center of Gravity...
  19. bunti_k23

    backtesting help

    guys i have only 1 month of intraday data on stocks i want to backtest sum afl s if anyone have 1yr + intraday data of nifty stocks (axisbank,dlf,etc just backtest only 4-5 gud stocks)only then plz backtest following afl and post the backtesting results in the thread itself .will be helpfull for...
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    sum gud afl components code

    hello guys here are sum afl codes which i have extracted from the bunch of useless afl s ,these are not trading systems but you can see it as extra accessories for any afl .you can copy this individual codes to any afl u want ,enjoy:) 1- this code will plot the trailling stoploss line ...