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    Stock Analysis using best Bid and Ask quantities - Live data

    Bid and Ask quantities are used by traders for trend analysis. In this tool we extract them for 200 NSE stocks and capture them every 5 minutes. Data comes from nseindia site and updated every 1 minute. The different columns are as below. A. Scrip name C. Total Bid amount at any time.(Total bid...
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    High Volume stocks live on spreadsheet for Intraday trading

    High volume stocks are widely used by traders for intraday trading. In this spreadsheet we check the current volume of stocks and compare them with last 10 days average volume and sort them in descending. I have listed 212 F&O stocks for analyzing. The volume information is picked from...
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    Stock screener using Open Interest Volume Volatility

    This is a live analysis of stock based on OI, volume and volatility. This excel sheet pulls data from nseindia live data. You have click the 'Refresh all' button to see latest value. It takes around 5 min. Column M to P are my own analysis. Column M is change in open interest from previous...