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  1. MSN1979

    Does NSE Listen to genuine complaints about brokers?

    Hi Few days back I suffered huge losses on Zerodha Platform. I did file the complaint on NSE platform on the same day. Also filed a complaint with SEBI. I will try to write my entire story with sequence of events and that to without adding any so called "Masala". Let's hope justice is done...
  2. MSN1979

    AFL Trainer Required. Work from home 15000-35000 PM 1-2 hours per day. Any time

    Hi I am looking for Amibroker Trainer, who can take basic and advanced level course in Amibroker and can Contribute 1-2 hours per day. Not more then 10 Hours in a week. Time can be flexible as per trainer but between 8am to 10 pm IST Money is not an issue and can be discussed in person. You...
  3. MSN1979

    Unable to open TJ in Chrome but it works in Edge

    I am unable to open TJ in Google Chrome but it works fine on Edge and on Mobile, Please suggest solutions if any
  4. MSN1979

    Error while searching everything

    Hello I am getting this error message while searching, it comes in all searches. Can you please get this fix ADMINISTRATORS.
  5. MSN1979

    Why i=0; is not a numeric in afl

    ok so i need to use if statement and I declare i=0; then write if ( i < 1) { do something { else { } it gives me error to use boolean or numeric types with IF, what I am doing wrong? Exact Error Error 6. Condition in IF, WHILE, FOR statements has to be Numeric or Boolean type. You can not...
  6. MSN1979

    Intraday Tata Steel

    Intraday Tata Steel Trades From 19/03/19
  7. MSN1979

    Join me in Trading Crude Oil 5:30 to 10:30

    Hello I would be trading Crude Oil 5:30 - 10:30, Lets see if I can make or break it. Starting strategy - Simple PA on Charts I see UT on 15 followed by sideways, from yesterday a range has developed marked with 2 horizontals. Will trade highs and lows of range and try to catch a breakout...
  8. MSN1979

    AFL code for Candle

    Hi I would like to store candle data open high low close in 5 min chart for all the candles made from 9:15 to 3:30, If possible in a array or some type of variable. Can this be done?
  9. MSN1979

    My personal Compilation of Various threads in TJ

    This material is not written by me. I am only copy pasting from other threads in TJ for reducing Noise. I would prefer if no one comments unless it is really important. Teach A MAN TO FISH : Saint Sir What is a Chart? A chart tells us about the whole play of fear and greed, again and again...
  10. MSN1979

    Snap To Excel - RTD - Sharekhan- Algo trading

    Hi Any of the senior members here have used sharekhan Snap to Excel feature and OAlert. I am not from technical background. I need help regarding the same as I am trying to write small code snippets in VBA using Excel ( Developer Feature). Also if there is a thread available please guide me...
  11. MSN1979

    Learning to Fish with Vijay Sir

    This is thread to practice and learn from Vijay's thread for newbs like me. I feel since our questions are too basic it breaks the flow of his thread. I would request seniors who have been following vijay sir to come here and help me ( or any one else ) and help correct mistakes and...
  12. MSN1979

    Extention of 15 Min Breakout Failed Breakout Trade Data

    This thread would be tracking Failed Breakouts of 15 Min Breakouts 15 Min Day High Low to be considered as S/R If the breakout fails. We will Trade the failed breakout above S/R with a Very Small Stop Loss Just below S/R or Where the rally started. These are paper Trades. Todays Trades GAIL...
  13. MSN1979

    Try, try again.

    For those friends who have failed and made it through. This poem reminds me of what I want to do. I am starting this thread to Try again. Just General Discussion of various win/loose strategies that we follow during market hours. It's a lesson you should heed, Try, try again. If at first you...
  14. MSN1979

    Nifty Only Trading

    Nifty only Trading. Self Learning Journal/ Experts Welcome to advice help. Trend on Nifty Daily
  15. MSN1979

    Help with my trades.

    Hi I have made a switch to day /Swing Trading. I was wondering if someone can look at my trades and guide me. PS: I am down with approx 12 k in 2 days.
  16. MSN1979

    Traderji Icon for Fav Bar in Edge and IE or chrome

    Hi Usually I add sites to my fav bar which I visit at least once a day or more. I have proper icons for most of them except a few. Ironically Traderji is also without an Icon. By default all web browsers will put a default icon if web site is missing an icon. I checked internet and only 1 line...
  17. MSN1979

    Advice choosing a BROKER

    Hi, I have compared few brokers on Traderji, At present I am using sharekhan to trade and they charge me 100/- minimum commission per lot. So I have shortlisted a few. Please let me know if any broker has huge issues. Zerodha - 20/- per lot, but many traders have complained about technical...
  18. MSN1979

    Interesting charts.

    Will post charts that look interesting to me with basic TA. I usually take swing trades on Daily. So I will try to post charts that interest me here
  19. MSN1979

    Are you ready to Day Trade? Answer this simple Poll to find out. PART 1

    A Fun poll for new Traders/ Experienced Traders. I will Start Part 2 if this POLL gets more then 10-15 attempts. Since answers are predictable and its only a self assessment checklist. Feel Free to ask Questions if any. These questions are from my early days in trading, when I was making many...
  20. MSN1979

    DELHI NCR (Traders) Uttar Pradesh (Indirapurum)

    Hi have seen cheenai traders has lot of people and telgu traders response is good. So starting a thread for DELHI NCR/UTTAR PRADESH TRADERS. If you are not from nearby, you can still say hi and be a part of discussion or group. We are not racist like" chennai only or Telgu only Traders" :D (that...