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  1. Zologul

    AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

    Guys, I guess investing in Google is less risky and more comfortable for you nerves. As for me, I would not like to try 1:2000.
  2. Zologul

    AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

    I don't know... myself I feel awkward when I borrow money, and I prefer not to at all costs. But I never considered leverage to give the same feeling or be the same thing And yeah, one share of google is DEFINITELY better than ZERO
  3. Zologul

    intraday market

    In tried to trade this way and what I realised after a few days is that it s a very bad idea. This requires experence and has very high risks. I decided to take things slow and chose other methods. There are times when I do intraday trading but it is not that often.
  4. Zologul

    AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

    Well, that's about one share of google that you can hold using $250 account :) Sounds too little, yet if the info that they charge no overnight fees and actually nothing but spread - if that's 100% true this makes it not a bad investment opportunity in general.
  5. Zologul

    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    First of all, I advise you to start trading with a demo account and then switch to a real account with small investments. I also strongly recommend reading useful information about trading or communicating with experienced traders on forums. And of course do not be self-confident and greedy...
  6. Zologul

    MT4 Client Version ATS, Econimical

    That's good. Now active work on the market is almost impossible because of many political and economic events, and I think that any help now will be extremely useful for every trader - both experienced and beginner.
  7. Zologul

    Good Pharma Share for Long Term Investment

    I think this is because their products will always be in demand and necessary for all people, regardless of professions and social status. And against the background of recent events, it is beyond any doubt.
  8. Zologul

    Oh That's Interesting!

    An interesting observation, I am generally sure that stocks are the best solution for the long term, because it allows you to work in a slightly more passive format (if you have done a competent analysis before that of course)!
  9. Zologul

    AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

    Good to know! Glad it all worked out well finally and at least you’ve got your deposit back non-problematically. I know this is a common practice for brokers to withdraw up to 100% of the initial deposit using the same credit card (it’s considered to be a refund). So that’s normal. Did you...
  10. Zologul

    AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

    How is it going, man? Any luck with your plan of conquering the world?
  11. Zologul

    How leverage works?

    Leverage allows a trader to make transactions with a cost much higher than his equity in the account. The first thing to know when trading with leverage is that the leverage is different and its size depends not on the desire of the broker, but on each particular financial instrument and its...
  12. Zologul

    How to find old post??

    Come on, why would you want to view such old posts. There are new posts created everyday by seniour members. I mean that the seniour members you are talking about from the past mey have been juniour members at that time. It also does depend on how far ago it was. I undertand that you want to...
  13. Zologul

    Highly Replicable Business Models

    IT's probably something which will not sustain even current 2 months quarantine from something like you know current situation, so please be very carefull with all that things absolutely and possibly anyway. Do we want to replicate such? Not sure.
  14. Zologul

    Brokerage Charges

    I am with last poster here, brokers do make their living on spreads and you should take some parts in account of that matter entirely and possibly. What else really could be done for such? Find another broker and post on some more forums.
  15. Zologul

    Mysterious Flight MH 370

    I am still hoping that everything will be really disclosed and people could really see the truth all others are trying to sold to us, we still not sure who is guilty in that tragedy anyway, so let's hope everything will be entirely possible out there.
  16. Zologul

    Moving image file website?

    Yes, it's entirely possible why the damn not honestly, I simply do not even know what to reply to you absolutely regarding this except the fact it's possible and I am sure there are more services who do that in the web clearly.
  17. Zologul

    A paid coding project

    Usually people may not tell you that, but good luck anyway, they may want to leave code to them. But you better post how much do you plan to spend on all that things entirely? It may attract some serious persons to you for all your needs.
  18. Zologul

    Is Daytrading dangerous?

    I am afraid that it all coes down to you. You cannot depend on peoples advice on things like that. Why do I say this you may ask. The first reaso is because you are your pwn person. We are all unique in our own way. What works for you may not necessaruly work for a nother person. I hope you get...
  19. Zologul

    What is the Risk for becoming a Trader.

    The risk of becoming a trader is the risk of losing money. Money is so important to ust hat we cannot stand to lose it. Especially when it comes to the day traders. When they lose they keep on trading and trading with hope of gaining more but all they get are losses and more losses untill they...