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    some bhavcopy downloader stop working

    yesterday(13/12/2010) some of the bhavcopy downloader like datadowloader of jdm and getbhavcopy of hemen cant download data of 13/12/2010. anay one have similar problem? also bhavcopy of equities under archieve section in nse site not updated for 13/12/2010.
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    implication of gap

    i am new to ta .some times before i was interested about gaps created inthe charts.if any scrips create a no of gaps in uptrend or downtrend, wat the implication.there is a notion that price try to catch up gap. now i put a scrip(videocon industries). if any one coment how videocon react if...
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    fibonacci level

    on my software(chartnexus) i found that spot nifty and main nifty stocks reacts hevily on fibonichhi retracement level as on 4/2/2010. pls comment
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    systemetic investment plan

    i steped into the market in 2005 with no or substantial knowledge on stock market.when i was follower of sidharth chatterji(a famious name in stock market in bengal).my first trade on market was tata tele when it rallies from 18 to chatterji initiate a weakly paper on stock market.he...
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    have read a new type of technical analysis

    today got one doc via email,an american analyst suggest stock market indices and individual stocks obey some geometrical scrips or indices has a yearly,monthly or weakly high low and they span over a period.with the prices volume and time period one can draw a geometrical figure as...