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    Regarding paid softwares for technical analysis

    Are there paid softwares that can tell me which shares will go up by 10% in the next month based on "Ichimoku cloud with volume" trend? If yes, could you name some and tell me how to procure these softwares?
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    Regarding Allcargo logistics

    Considering cargo volumes will go up because of vaccines, is Allcargo logistics a good bet for long term. I am looking at 60% in 1 year? It is at 122 Rs today. Could anyone share their opinion
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    PBT, Assets and Liabilities

    If a company's revenue and profit before tax have increased(e.g., CAGR of 8%) for last 4 years, but difference between total assets and total liabilities has decreased by a higher percentage(CAGR of 10%) for the 4 years but still positive, what would say about the financial health of the company?
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    Is IndusInd Bank good for long term investment

    Is it a good time to buy IndusInd bank Share now(Sept 2020) if one is looking at 2 year timeframe of investment, targetting 70%?
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    Could you please provide advice about my portfolio conversion?

    I am Shreenath from Bangalore. My portfolio is as follows 1. Tata Motors - 300 shares bought @ 338 rs 2. BEPL - 800 shares bought @ 150 rs 3. FCL(Fineotex chemicals) - 300 shares bought @ 80 rs 4. Olectra Greentech - 300 shares bought @ 165 rs 5. KVB - 200 shares bought @ 40 Rs 5. Jain...