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  1. raul12

    Charts for the Day

    Dear Anil Ji, So I believe you're implying that you don't so sector analysis for positional trades rather you prefer to check stock specific price action & MA while making investments. The reason I asked for sector specific analysis was bcoz I've seen that it's preferable to invest in...
  2. raul12

    Charts for the Day

    Dear Anilji, For positional trades into any stock, do you also do sector analysis? If yes, what points do you consider there.
  3. raul12

    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    Brilliant find Amit Ji.:thumb: Seems like UPL is gradually setting up for another move north. :)
  4. raul12

    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    Dear Sizzle, While Amit Ji will answer....I'm just sharing my thoughts. Typically once a stock breaks out of a range then post the breakout the stock should move at-least the distance equal to that of the range. So the distance of range projected upwards from the point of breakout will...
  5. raul12

    Charts Patterns and Intraday Trading

    Chart patterns will be relevant in all TFs but do keep following in consideration: 1. The Higher the TF the better for you as the lesser will the whipsaws 2. The higher the TF the more would be the weight of that Support/Resistance
  6. raul12

    graph linking in trade tiger

    Dear newbie, Pls ask your question here: Experienced TT traders will revert with solution. You can also ask about other TT related query you might be facing there(or it might have already been...
  7. raul12

    Basics for Technichal Analysis

    I don't know about the links....they might not work as they are too old now. Anyway, for beginners you can read: 1. Martin Pring's Complete Guide To Technical Analysis: An Indian Perspective 2. Robert Edwards - Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, 9th Ed (All time classic for TA) happy learning!
  8. raul12

    General Trading Chat

    You can access traderji on mobile via TapaTalk app.
  9. raul12

    Fudge style trading . My log , My journey . Seniors kind guidance needed

    hehe....I manage between job n trading somehow buddy :) As per per your tactic to see the amt you could have made I'd say, do whatever suits you. You can also read threads of seniors on psychology of trading....probably that might also help. But letting your winners run is imp. for long term...
  10. raul12

    General Trading Chat

    Dear Jai Mata Di, In that case what is better.... Option selling? But what about the risks? Bcoz option buyers have limited loss unlike option sellers who have unlimited loss potential. PS: I'm a beginner in options. Pls bear with me here, if you feel my query is too basic :o
  11. raul12

    General Trading Chat

    Thanks to ST da's emphasis I saw the episode "Chai Garam Hai" yesterday on Youtube. I must say the fundamental points highlighted by the panellists were worth noticing. Ridham also mentioned about the order books of companies and said that we'll see the results about it in 3-6 months. They...
  12. raul12

    Fudge style trading . My log , My journey . Seniors kind guidance needed

    Hello Fudge, Firstly, All d best in your venture as a FTT:thumb:. Btw I'm also in similar age group as yours and trade when I get time from my day job :) Anyway Pls keep in mind that both of the following are EQUALLY DETRIMENTAL to your long term equity appreciation: 1. Holding onto stocks...
  13. raul12

    A Strong Trading Mind

    Positive visualization and mindset is very critical for a trader to succeed and reap profits. You guys might find the following videos interesting: Will Smith talks about his secret to success: Jim Carrey 10 million dollar check...
  14. raul12

    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    A possible change in trend for Crompton Greaves Daily chart
  15. raul12

    best triple moving average crossover

    vsreeram, The higher the timeframe the lower the whipsaws but also you'll get lower trades. Also, the main advantage of making profits via any ema crossover strategy is to LET YOUR PROFITS RUN because multiple losses incurred during the choppy markets will be easily recovered during trending...
  16. raul12

    Swing trading for stocks

    Brokers also provide margins on stock may consider that....but that is only for a a very short window of 5 days....
  17. raul12

    Trade Tiger - Tips, Tricks and Hints

    Anyone know how to create Trendline channels(parallel trendlines) in TT
  18. raul12

    best triple moving average crossover

    Dear vsreeram, Pls note that ema crossover systems are lagging systems and they ALWAYS perform VERY WELL in TRENDING markets and produce multiple WHIPSAWS in SIDEWAYS market. hence there is not PERFECT combination of ema's so to speak.
  19. raul12

    anyone trades usdinr here ?

    Pls keep following things in mind before investing in above pairs: 1. Out of the above 4 pairs only USDINR has good liquidity and rest has comparatively low liquidity. 2. Unlike in major forex pairs traded globally, USDINR pairs price is very prone to intervention by RBI which usually makes...
  20. raul12

    Help Learning TA for noobs

    Go through this: http:// en.tradimo dot com/ learn/ technical-analysis/ chart-analysis/ multiple-time-frame-analysis/ It covers the topic in detail in simple language. Hope it helps!