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    Stocks that fell more than 15% to 30% from their 52 week highs

    Hello, A lot of good quality stocks have dropped considerably in the last week or two. Around 166 stocks are down over 30% from the top. My amibroker is messed up. Can someone who is an expert with Amibroker quickly wrtie a script to generate a list of such stocks and let us all know? Once I...
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    MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 NFO

    Any takes on this apparently attractive NFO which is open till 23th Mar 2011? Any idea if one can invest online in these funds? Thanks, Mohan
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    Anyone scraping money control for market stats?

    I am using Excel to manage my portfolio. Wondering if it is OK to scrape some site like money control or bse, nse site and collect market stats like daily gainers, losers, sector indices etc. These sites seem to have some copy rite crap about not allowing users to store data in db or...
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    Code to find support and resistance levels.

    Has anyone tried writing code to find (and plot ) the support and resistance levels? Is there any Amibroker code available to do this? Thanks
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    I can help you with fundamental/financial/technical analysis of your stock

    Hi, In a bull market, as new levels are touched each day, it is becoming increasingly difficult in finding good scrips to buy. We need to be very cautious at these levels. Let me know if you have any queries regarding any stock or want any fundamental/financial/technical analysis on your...
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    Cement stocks

    Whats up with Gujarat Sidhee? It is trading with a volume of 1.2 million. Anybody tracking NCL Industries?
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    MF portfolio manager

    Hi all, My partner is a AMFI certified Mutual Fund investment planner and portfolio manager. He has lots of clients with lots of data to be managed. We are looking for a software portfolio manager that can make his life easy. The software should help in tracking transactions, manage...
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    valuation method for IP-driven Technology Solutions company

    How would you value IT company with products that do not have much of a sales history? I ended up forecasting revenues and earnings based on the competitive analysis of the products (After first understanding the product technology). We cannot use DCF. Thanks, Mohan
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    Impact of changes in 80-IA on infra cos

    Hi, Until now, all infrastructure companies like Gammon, IVRCL, Patel Engineering, Nagarjun etc., were gaining from the 80-IA tax rule. But FM in the budget yesterday has made some changes. As I understand, as per the new change, only those infrastructure companies that execute infrastructure...
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    Equity Research Analyst

    Is there anyone here who is into serious equity research analysis? I need some help with valuations. Thanks, Mohan
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    How many hours do you work per week?

    I did 25 hrs/week this week. Two weeks back I did 80+ hrs. Signs of burnout? I am planning to do 100+ hrs next couple of weeks. Is it healthy? I usually do between 60-70 hrs per week. Sometimes I do as little as a 20 hr week. The kind of work I do doesn't allow one to do much more in less...
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    Model charts showcasing patterns

    Hi All, It is amazing how some charts form near perfect chart patterns. Check out GINNIFILA (Ginni Filament). Looks like it brokeout of a nice triangle. I Suggest a BUY above 35 with a SL of 34.30. Your suggestions, comments, analysis please. Also, I wish to make this thread an...
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    Capital gain tax and tax on income from trading

    Hi, I wont call myself a full fledged trader since some of my holdings are for long term. But I do have a "trade only" list of scrips I do trading on. My question is - How do I calculate my taxes? I have 30% scrips that I am holding for more than a year. I trade in the rest of them...