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    Help Amibroker AFL .. plot from CSV data

    Hi All, Please help me with Amibroker AFL I have CSV data contains 3 columns 1. Stock Name 2. Date 3. HIT1 (my custom value number for the date and not every rows got this value ) NAME DATE HIT1 GOOG 3/15/2021 28 GOOG 3/12/2021 26 GOOG 3/10/2021 33 GOOG 3/9/2021...
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    Ask about Pivot Point Formula

    Hi all, I use this afl for analyzing Pivot, Support and Resistance level Super Pivot Point It draws monthly, weekly and daily pivot level for the last bar. But only for the last bar. Anyone please kindly help me to inform me how to...
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    Hi All

    Hi All, it's my honour that I can be a part of this great site. I am a new trader, using amibroker as TA software Thanks Zel