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    Volume Profile Trading Strategies

    Hi ShubhS9, this link would answer your question to some extent ... ... this article talks about combining volume profile with ichimoku Cloud and Neo wave patterns. i am sharing this just for knowledge purpose
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    Regarding paid softwares for technical analysis

    Are there paid softwares that can tell me which shares will go up by 10% in the next month based on "Ichimoku cloud with volume" trend? If yes, could you name some and tell me how to procure these softwares?
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    Regarding Allcargo logistics

    Considering cargo volumes will go up because of vaccines, is Allcargo logistics a good bet for long term. I am looking at 60% in 1 year? It is at 122 Rs today. Could anyone share their opinion
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    PBT, Assets and Liabilities

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply ... Appreciate your knowledge sharing
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    PBT, Assets and Liabilities

    If a company's revenue and profit before tax have increased(e.g., CAGR of 8%) for last 4 years, but difference between total assets and total liabilities has decreased by a higher percentage(CAGR of 10%) for the 4 years but still positive, what would say about the financial health of the company?
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    Is IndusInd Bank good for long term investment

    Is it a good time to buy IndusInd bank Share now(Sept 2020) if one is looking at 2 year timeframe of investment, targetting 70%?
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    Could you please provide advice about my portfolio conversion?

    I am Shreenath from Bangalore. My portfolio is as follows 1. Tata Motors - 300 shares bought @ 338 rs 2. BEPL - 800 shares bought @ 150 rs 3. FCL(Fineotex chemicals) - 300 shares bought @ 80 rs 4. Olectra Greentech - 300 shares bought @ 165 rs 5. KVB - 200 shares bought @ 40 Rs 5. Jain...