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    Sticky Threads - Revisit

    Hi All Members, Please find the attached list of threads which are sticky on this forum. This is a long list of 45 threads and we intend to reduce this. Some of them are not active for many months. Please let us know which thread can be unstick in your view. We would appreciate your feedback...
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    Traderji 2.0 Feedback & Suggestions

    Dear Members Please visit Traderji 2.0 Welcome Thread to know more about this release. While we worked hard, tested well and ensure that everything works well before launching Traderji 2.0, you may experience some unexpected behavior. We would appreciate if you could use this thread to report...
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    Welcome to the New Traderji Forum Website!

    Welcome to enhanced forum of Traderji! We call it Traderji 2.0. What's New? Our new site offers enhanced features such as: Clear, intuitive navigation to the resources you want Significantly improved website response time Advanced search engine with results filtering An enhanced user...
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    Scheduled Website Upgrade on July 3rd

    Dear Members, We will be performing software upgrade on Monday 3rd July between 4 pm to 10 pm IST. What are we bringing? This upgrade is the most incredible technology upgrade of Traderji forum. Here are few things we are bringing to you on July 4th: Simple and elegant design...
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    This thread is a continuation of Please continue your discussion here...
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    Zerodha Part 2

    Zerodha Part 2 This thread is a continuation of Please continue your posts/conversation here.
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    Chat room has been reopened

    We are happy to announce the reopening of the Chat Room! All registered members can login to the chat room at any time of the day or night. Please note that the Forum Rules apply to the chat room as well. At the moment we only have one general chat lounge. We plan to open many...
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    NEW "Members Forum"

    We are happy to announce a new Members Forum at The Members Forums will provide a special section for members to discuss a specific topic or interest in more depth and with less public involvement than in the open forums. Members Forums are a great way to discuss more deeply into...
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    Name Change Request Thread *March 2009*

    Name Change Request Thread *March 2009* Post all your name change requests here. This thread will remain open till 12.00 Noon on Sunday, 15th March 2009. All name changes will be done on Sunday. Its your responsibility to make sure that the requested name change is valid (i.e, its between 3-15...
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    My Findings

    After the recent incident/thread yesterday I have been conducting an investigation by going through the many posts and PMs sent/received by members over the last many years. As we have been maintaining daily, weekly and monthly backups of our database since the inception of this site it was...
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    Important Terms and Conditions

    Important Terms and Conditions This forum is to help advertisers promote their products and services by interacting with other forum members. Every advertiser gets one thread for every banner they advertise. The threads will be active as long as the ads run. Once a...
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    New - Unanswered Thread Link

    You will now see an "Unanswered Threads" link when you click on the 'Serach Link" in the Navigation Bar. Unanswered Threads are those threads with only one post and no replies. I would suggest members to go through those posts and reply to them (if possible).
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    How to post a chart/image at

    How to post a chart/image at If you would like to post charts inside your posts, please use the following method: Go to Click Browse Select you chart image and click "Open" Click "Host It!" Once the image is uploaded scroll down to...
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    10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP

    10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP Many people are interested in making the most of their hardware. So here are 10 simple tips on how to make your Windows XP computer run faster without having to purchase additional hardware...
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    Posting of email addresses in thread/posts have been banned with immediate effect

    Posting of email addresses in thread or posts have been banned with immediate effect. In a study of our recent server logs we discovered that at a single given time we had over 18 email address harvesters (a software/script) scanning for email addresses. These email harvesters...
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    Secure your PC from Malware, Spyware and Adware!

    Interesting article on A Windows XP Security Guide
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    About the User Reputation System

    About the User Reputation System It is surprising to note that most members of this forum are not effectively using the User Reputation System! The User Reputation System is a great tool for showing your appreciation to a member of this forum by praising or acknowledging their thread or...
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    Delta Neutral Options Trading Strategy

    Delta Neutral Options Trading Strategy To understand the Delta Neutral Strategy we need to clearly define Delta. Delta is nothing but a ratio comparing the change in the price of the underlying asset (eg:cash market price of RIL) to the corresponding change in the price of a derivative...
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    Discover the Elliott Wave Principle with this SPECIAL DVD/BOOK Offer

    Discover the Elliott Wave Principle with this SPECIAL DVD/BOOK Offer Get the special DVD/Book offer titled "The easiest way to discover the Elliott Wave Principle" for only $29.00! The offer is a combination of the popular DVD titled Counting Waves Correctly with the book titled The Basics...
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    Classic Darvas Box Formulas For Metastock

    CLASSIC DARVAS BOX FORMULAS FOR METASTOCK The first formula is "Darvas High" which identifies new period highs followed by three lower highs. Name of Indicator: Darvas High Formula: Periods:=100; { this is the only place the number of periods is set} If((Ref(H,-3) >=...