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    I had a high opinion about Chidambaram as FM. Now he is no different from Nirav or Mallaya.
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    I have a great opinion about RTI. Many issues have seen light because of them until I have asked them a small information, which they have not tried to find out but disposing the case immediately. They want to keep the DESK clean. They are more interested in DISPOSING a case rater than solving...
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    Bank sector

    If you look at weitage of BankNifty of top 7 banks which accounts for 90% weitage,most of them are Private banks barring SBIN which has around 9% weitage.Perhaps may be restrictions imposed by Government that all trasactions are done through SBI or SBI-Subsidies. That means all private banks...
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    Perhaps MI, CSK ,RCB may find place in top 4. SRH will end in half of the table.Last year it was WARNER who took SRH to top 4 .Previously it was MUSTAFIZUR. Now Warner is out of IPL and Mustafizur has gone to MI.
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    This series that was during last 3 years .....

    I made a small beginning by posting the current series data from my database during last 3 years.. Please excuse me if at all small mistakes are found.It is just a yardstick to help traders. Because markets are dependent on many factors like global factors ,local conditions ,economic...
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    Is it possible?

    On an equity of 1lakh, the profit is more 2 Cr with eps over 2000. The stock in question is DRA Consultants Ltd.
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    Your favourite stock analyst ?

    It is a known fact that stock markets are manipulated. There is always a reasons for the fall or gain of markets. But mostly these reasons are assigned only after market closes. If there is no reason ,then perennial reason GLOBAL CONDITIONS. Any way no need to worry.we have many good...
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    Keltner channel

    Presently I am working on KELTNER channels.Keltner channel uses ATR (Average True Range) instead of Standard Deviation used in Bollinger Band.But differs in 2 aspects. 1.Keltner bands are narrower than Bollinger Band.This is because ATR is less volatile than Standard Deviation. 2.Keltner...
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    THREE things to be done every week !!!

    1.CLEAR TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES Perhaps Ccleaner will do that job.You need to close your browser completely to do that. 2.DEFRAG YOUR COMPUTER One of the reasons , for slowness of your computer.It is available in SYSTEM TOOLS menu. 3. RUN ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE Keeps your computer healthy...
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    After the halfway mark , perhaps RR and CSK will make to Semi final.So it will boil down to the other 6 teams to fight for other 2 places.The beauty of T20 cricket is ,just one or two overs will change the complete picture of the game.Some of the players are not playing to their full...
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    AAP sweep !!!

    67 out of 70 for AAP ,is bad for BJP ,but good for the nation.
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    All-time greats of Hindi Industry !!!

    Just asking the question of all time great hero of bollywood is like asking the great face is found on currency notes.Of course ,unanimous choice is Amitabh.Now it boils down to find favourite choice among heroines Madhubala and Rekha.Both are equally talented.
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    Hindi heroes of yester year

    Others: Sanjeev Kumar,Rajendra Kumar,Rishi Kapoor,Raaj Kumar,Randhir Kapoor, Dharmendra,Jitendra,RakeshRoshan...etc We atleast more than 20 yester-year heroes and only 10 options are provided by TRADERJI.Finding out difficult to accommodate all ,keeping one option (others) to...
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    Great Soul.Rest in Peace.
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    Yester-year hindi heroines

    We divide incidents , based on occurrence ,like pre-Independence and post independence ; we divide market as pre-Europe and Post Europe opening and similarly we can divide movies Pre-Sholay and post-Sholay. Such was the impact of Sholay. Though I do not know Hindi much ,but I like old hindi...
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    Cyclone "Hudhud"

    Deepawali (Diwali) is few days away.Crores of Rupees are spent for buying Sweets ,Dry-fruits and Crackers.Can we divert some money to this Nobel cause.Think it over !!! Courtesy : Hindustan times.
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    Worst brokers

    Anybody having problems with any boker, can approach either BSE/NSE/CSDL/NSDL or SEBI. SCORES facilitates you to lodge your complaint online with SEBI and subsequently view its status. I have some worst experiences with Brokers ,you too had.Please share it here ,so that people will become...
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    A tale of two regions !!!

    After some unfortunate incidents in Lok Sabha ,many might have wondered IS IT SO SEVERE?People outside AP can not understand the FEELINGS ,but for people of AP ,it is big problem. 1.After Independence the ruler of Hyderabad (Nizam,a Muslim ) wished to remain Independent State.At that time...
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    Open letter to President of India

    When ManMohan Singh was RBI's Governor ,he used to report to Pranab Mukherjee.Things changed when MMS was made PM.Pranab used to report to MMS.Now things have changed as Pranab da was made President.Pranab da appeared to be a bold president we had in recent years.Of course he was made...