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    bellow mention export afl from ami to csv filr, but its EoD, can you help me to modify intrday time frame 1 min

    Hello bellow mention export afl from ami to csv filr, but its EoD, can you help me to modify intrday time frame 1 min thx paresh // From: // By Barry Scarborough 7/14/2008, updated to handle large files 8/30/08 // #### READ THIS FIRST ####...
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    Bank Nifty Future 1 min/ 5 min intraday data

    hello sir can you help me for export Ami to cvs or file afl. i have afl but its EOD thanks paresh
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    Valvenet technologies

    Yesterday no any data issue..
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    Challenge of Trading crudeM with 4k for 30 trading days!!

    yes First, think about this. Every trader has access to the same tools, the same research, the same charts, the same quotes, the same proven trading methods, etc. So, why is it that, with everybody having access to the same stuff, only a few make consistent profits over time 1. Discipline &...
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    Cyber Security

    always use registered/licensed version antivirus
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    Re: Please Help me to find this afl ( Profitable trading does not depend on the knowledge of large number of theories,rather it depends on successful implementation of Few....Explained by...
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    General Trading Chat

    email from broker: " Dear Customer, We value your association with us! As you are aware that w.e.f. July 1, 2017, Goods & Services Tax (GST) will come in force. Thus, we would like to inform you that GST @ of 18 % is applicable on all charges including Brokerage, Transaction Charges, DPC etc.
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

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    General Trading Chat

    Time frame? :clap:
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    My daily charts _ trade notes

    When my system met 100%.I go for kill .My weapons are knife/sword/gun 1:1 knife,1:2 sword, 1:3 gun ( copy from RISK_REWARD)
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    Volume Profile and Market Profile a new wave of market picture

    The golden rule should be No Signal – No Trade.
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    rjshem Sir how many stocks you tracking everyday? which scripts ? thx
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    General Trading Chat

    1st announcement .than press conference
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    General Trading Chat

    RBI policy today or tom? thx
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    Wish You a Happy Financial Year Ahead

    if possible please share your rules so its helpful
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    you are Desh premee :thumb: :thumb:
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    My daily charts _ trade notes

    The Black Belt Story All Wise People See Change As New Beginnings A black belt story tells about a martial artist who kneels before a master sensei in a ceremony to receive the hard-earned Black Belt. After years of relentless training, the student has finally reached a pinnacle of achievement...
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    My trades based on "new way of pivot trading" and vwap

    may be useful link :
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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    not at all.. i m from gujarat. i m not belong to any data providers. i used GFDL b4 and now last 6 month i m using thx
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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    i m using @ 6 months its ok. you can take trial