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    Options Basics

    I would like to learn the strategy stated by AW10 as follows: What are Spreads ?Spreads are Limited Risk / Limited Reward strategies. They can be constructed using either PUT or CALL options. They are directional strategy - Bullish or Bearish It involves 2 options trades - Buying Option at...
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    Stop loss/target/entry price------swing trading

    Hi All Seniors, Your participation is seriously required. Please help me in identifying SL/TARGET/ENTRY PRICE------simple effective approach by Seniors will be appreciated.
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    Sector Vs Stock

    Hi All, How can I find the sector of a particular stock. In BSE sector section I see that there are about 13 BSE sectorial Indices..... I would like to know whatever stock we select from BSE it will be in the 13 BSE sectorial Indices. Have I understood properly please help... for...
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    Questions from a Novice mind?

    I request all the seniors to pitch in their valuable answers, advise, tips from the questions arised from novice. I request all the novice to put forward your doubts regarding trading.
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    TA Questions From a Novice Mind

    I request all the seniors to pitch in their advise, suggestions, tips, answers that are emerging from the novice. I request all the novice to put forward their questions regarding TA or anything else regarding trading.
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    Thank You Messages for Saint

    I request all the members in traderji, who have gained knowledge by Saint's teaching to leave a word of appreciation in this thread.
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    Views, ideas, tips, suggestions, guidance regarding the NIFTYBEES will be appreciated. I request all the seniors, veterans, experienced to throw some light on NIFTYBEES.
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    BTST---views, advise, guidance appreciated sincerely

    Is BTST a smaller version of Swing trading. Apart from buy and sell brokerage will the broker charge for demat holding also as in case of delivery. Will I get exposure for BTST as in case of Day Trading. All advise, tips, guidance related to BTST will be appreciated. Since I am a Novice to...