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    Which websites do you use for help wit Fundamental Analysis?

    Interested in hearing from experienced traders and investors. Please list out websites that you have found useful for help with Fundamental Analysis. Not interested in stock calls/tips etc. but straight up sources of info/data that you have found to be most useful. Many thanks in advance.
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    Doing background research about companies

    I am interested in knowing about various resources one can use to do thorough research on companies to build a "profile" that can be used to aid trading. This is similar to fundamental analysis, except that I want to be looking at much more than just balance sheets. So I am basically looking to...
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    Suggestions on good websites & other reading material

    Interested in hearing from those who are profitably trading/investing. Which websites, journals, magazines, bulletins, data/software sources etc. do you use regularly and have found useful? Not limited to equities, but pretty much for everything - commodities, Forex, & what not. Not interested...
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    Master list of all available investment options

    I am just starting my financial planning, & am interested in knowing about the various investment avenues available. I would like to get the list of places one could potentially invest money in - bank deposits, FDs, Mutual Funds, govt/corporate bonds, coupons, real estate... Would be interested...
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    Books/resources for learning about Indian stock markets

    Interested in books, websites etc. dealing with *Indian* financial markets. Not interested in TA, FA money management, stock picking, and what not. Just straight up info specific to Indian markets. Sample topics of interest include history of the markets (scams, crashes, HFT, manipulation...
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    Tax on profits in US markets

    Two of my US based friends are algo trading their personal portfolios. If I provide some help in algo development, they are ready so share the profit with me. However, the profit they make with their account will be taxed according to the US tax rates. If they share a percentage of profit with...
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    Taxation books

    I am looking for books on taxation. Would like to know of simple introductory books as well as advanced books on direct and indirect taxation. Thanks in advance.
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    Trading money of family members and relatives

    Are there any processes I need to follow before I take money from my immediate and extended family, and trade on their behalf? Any licenses, tax liabilities, rules etc. I should be aware of? I was told that I will need a broker's license first before I trade someone else's money. Is it true...
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    What business to start for extra income and future prospects?

    This thread maybe a little off topic, but just wanted to try anyway since I have received amazing advice from TJ members on all topics :-) If you were starting a business as of today, which one would you start and why? I want to get some ideas for my 33yr old, unmarried cousin who is stuck in...
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    Tax exemption for trading as business

    My question is from the point of view of intraday trading. When showing trading as a business, is there an upper limit on 'business expenses' that can be claimed towards tax exemption purposes? For example, the Zerodha Varsity page ( shows...
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    Anyone doing algo trading using Python with Zerodha?

    Please post your experiences. Thanks. PS: Is it fully automated or just semi-automated?
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    Where do you get your market buzz from?

    Which websites, newspapers, trade journals or whatever else do you follow to get a sense of the markets? Particularly from the point of view of day/swing trading.
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    What is going on with VGUard???

    Yesterday it closed at about Rs.1800. This morning it is trading at Rs.180?? Something wrong?
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    DEMAT account showing empty even though I purchased scrips !

    Hi, I am new to trading and just bought a few scrips through zerodha earlier this week. I got an SMS this morning from CDSL saying that some debit has happened in my account. When I created a login at the CDSL site and logged in, my DEMAT account is showing to be empty even though I bought...
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    Basic question about Zerodha stoploss

    New to trading, and just placed a few small (delivery) trades with Zerodha. Zerodha tells me that for delivery trades (Cash N Carry), I will need to login and place a stoploss order EVERYDAY. In other words, the stoploss orders are valid for one day only, and are canceled at the end of the day...
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    Day trading for those with a day job

    What are the financial instruments and markets that one can day trade if one has a day job and can't day trade 9AM-5PM. I heard that oil and forex can be traded 24X7. Is it true? What about commodities? Please give me options. Also please let me know brokers and software for trading these...
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    Tips/Precautions while shorting medium to low liquidity stocks

    Please share your thoughts on this. Notable personal experiences, good or bad, would be nice :thumb: I am particularly interested in hearing from people who have done the "big short".
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    What happened to PNB today?

    PSU banks have been trading in the negative recently. PNB announced negative results just earlier today. Still PNB went UP by 3.5% by the time trading ended today ! As a newcomer trying to get his head around the stock market, I am flabbergasted. Can anyone help explain what happened with...
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    Crude trading - books, journals, misc advice requested from experienced traders

    Dear experienced traders, I am just starting with crude trading and have a few questions. Please answer what you can. To make this thread brief and useful, I request that you answer each question in 1-2 sentences only, and only answer based on your personal experiences. 0. General...