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  1. sriniurs


    Hi Tejas. first i would like to congratulate you on the excellent platform, Fyers web. have tried all three platform from last 1 month . mobile is ok but fyers web is very good. desktop always comes as logged in, doesnt work for me. One thing missing is MTM total not shown anywhere in web like...
  2. sriniurs

    Good Website for tracking nifty live!!!!!

    Improved Version now:)
  3. sriniurs

    Good Website for tracking nifty live!!!!!

    Friends, i have created a website to track nifty live. This is a easy loading page without ads so we can use it on the phone without much waiting . this page uses yahoo charts, the links are to various websites which give good information about nifty in one place. sgx nifty can be tracked...
  4. sriniurs


    which ea are u using?
  5. sriniurs

    Help! Funding FXCM Account

    the easiest way if u want icici credit card is to make a fixed deposit of 20000 rs. you will get an activated card within 24 hrs.:thumb:
  6. sriniurs

    commision of trading online

    no commision with alpari
  7. sriniurs

    genuine peace Radar of the foundation

    I hope at least the ones you bought from are still selling it?:)
  8. sriniurs

    Color of the Crosshair

    go to preferences, select colour, then change colour in selector line.
  9. sriniurs

    Sharekhan trading account balance

    go to reports and click on margin
  10. sriniurs

    Amibroker AFL

    hello market_king, I personally dont use this afl, just thought i will help you as i remembered a discussion about it sometime back. There is no such thing as a magic afl , which will give buy sell signals, afl,s should be used to play with when you are bored and have nothing to do. the only...
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    Amibroker AFL
  12. sriniurs

    Ram Naam Satya Hai

    I used to use the term when i was not putting stop loss:(
  13. sriniurs

    Any RT plugin for sharekhan?

    unlike tt adv or odin, sharekhan's trade tiger does not save data in tha harddisk. it is still not possible to easily get real time data from trade tiger to amibroker. TT is not saving data in RT so you have to manually save data from TT fetchfromtt is ok if you trade from 30 min or...
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    Requesting to write afl code this image

    this afl sells for 16000 rs:rofl: stockmaniacs
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    Substitue of Amibroker needed
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    its working
  17. sriniurs

    how to hit thanks

    It is seen only when you are logged into traderji
  18. sriniurs

    Realtime Stock Quotes

    if everyone had thought the same way as you are doing, we would still be going on with the first car invented by henry ford. progress is only by improving the best. try using it , much better than my monthy rs 500 data feed
  19. sriniurs

    Realtime Stock Quotes

    Re: manshi software you are right, right now i am clicking first symbol and pressing shift key and click last symbol, so all symbols get backfilled one more thing i observed , if you keep backfilling every 30 min or so the chart pattern and candles keep changing. why is it so?
  20. sriniurs

    How to set 70min EMA & 1030min EMA in Trade Tiger

    if you are trying to replicate the yahoo charts ema crossover stratrgy, use a 7 and 103 ema on a 10 min chart its the same thing and it works better tha 5 min chart with less whipsaws.