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  1. jamit_05

    Iron Butterfly -Nifty

    Set #1 Long --> NOV 10700 CE 101 Short --> NOV 10500 CE 200 Short --> NOV 10500 PE 177 Long --> NOV 10300 PE 111 --------------------------------- Net Credit 165 Max Loss: 200 - 165 = 35 Exit: Not Planned. Entry should ideally be at the End of a strong closing day, when a good premium is...
  2. jamit_05

    Index Investing in Nifty 50

    Index Investing is all about investing in an Index. I choose Nifty 50 for the purpose. This thread will mostly be about managing a portfolio, and less about "discovering" companies. My expectations in Index Investing in Nifty are that, once diversified enough (which may take over a year), the...
  3. jamit_05

    Bullish or Bearish: Do you think Nifty will touch 8100 before it touches 5100?

    What are you? Bullish or Bearish. Do you think Nifty will touch 8100 plus, before touching 5100 or Do you think the markets will tank big time in the near future? Place you vote ! <No option for sideways :)
  4. jamit_05

    Seeing the 15min Chart as is.

    Will post updates on the intraday direction of Nifty. The direction may change as many as 5 times a day. Will not post profits or losses. It is a distraction enough that they are a part of reality, do not want to exacerbate their effect on trading results by mentioning them repeatedly...
  5. jamit_05

    Buys Stocks, Sell Options. Beat FD by a factor of 2

    This approach will beat FD by a factor of 2 by putting the investor in a win-win situation. The Approach 1) Purchase Stocks of Low Beta at strong supports. This is important. Else, you won't be able to derive maximum joy. 2) Sell seemingly harmless OTM calls such that you get 2% on capital...
  6. jamit_05

    Experienced Amibroker Users

    Are you using Amibroker for a long time and are well experienced. Please make yourself known. I am having some issues with the software which need an expert view :)
  7. jamit_05

    Nifty Futures Positional Trading

    Only Rule for trading is: Take trades only in the direction of the trend. No specific rules. Just a keen eye on the risk. Will never risk more than decided (except in case of Gaps).
  8. jamit_05

    Stocks for the long and short term portfolio

    Will discuss various companies' worthiness of being in ones portfolio. Some are long term picks, with strong back bone. While others are stocks with good income and hence make good picks for the Uptrend. Stocks are a proper place to park ones money. I have been trading FnO and realize that it...
  9. jamit_05

    Low Risk Low Returns- Target 50 NF per month per NF Lot

    Concept Long NF, covered with a couple of PEs. Risk is completely covered. PEs because they are dirt cheap compared to CEs at this point in time.... @40% sale! Target We intend to earn 30 to 50 points per NF lot. With COVERED risk and minimum effort. We will be acting EOD (mostly). Idea...
  10. jamit_05

    Comfortable profits from trading Nifty.

    This thread is about trading profitably and comfortably. The focus will be on keeping the process simple while making REGULAR PROFITS, month after month. This, I have found, is only possible after attaining a proper mental attitude. Will be regularly publishing my trades in Nifty Futures...
  11. jamit_05

    Regular Income From Markets. Risk Free. Takes no Time

    This is an attempt to chalk out a directionless approach to earning from Options. I have worked on a rough template of a method. Will evolve it and make it ready for "full-sized deployment" in due process. Primary Objective: Keep it very simple and hassle free. Rest will follow. :thumb...
  12. jamit_05

    Discussions and Clarifications on 5 min Pivot Method.

    The goal of this thread is to help the participants in learning the 5 min Pivot method from our seniors as correctly and completely as they know it. Please feel free to make discussions and ask questions regarding 5 min pivot method. This method is very valuable.
  13. jamit_05

    A Beginner's way to trade options.

    A Beginner's way to trade options Hello Miniflow Friends, This thread will be a Q&A thread, where we will be asking questions to ST sir regarding options ONLY. We hope, that in due time we will be able understand the workings of options and trade them as successfully as Saint sir and ST...
  14. jamit_05

    Saint's Pivot Method put to practice.

    The idea behind this thread is to chisel out, in our minds and hence in practice, precisely the method Saint wants us to learn. Therefore, during the trading hours I will be putting in the trades. These trades are open to discussion, which is the core-idea behind this thread. Saint and...
  15. jamit_05

    We want to Develop a Trading Method.

    Hi All, I am starting this thread to bring together a group or even groups of people who have similar trading goals. I mean, the ones who want to day trade forex/stocks/commodities could sit together, brainstorm and come-up with their own method of trading. Additionally, the group can work on...
  16. jamit_05

    Daytrade with Support and Resistance.

    Hello, For all the newbies here. Quite clearly, Support and Resistance levels (SnR) that any site gives you cannot be accurate to the dot. Due to the inaccuracy of SnRs, newbies must be pulling their hair trying to accomodate them into their trading, especially intraday fellas. I have...