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    Is there a thing like an "honest broker"?

    Smart_Trade Another thing. Since you are an active member of the trade, who in your opinion does honest broking business? Name 3 good brokerages for the benefit of all. Thanks
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    Is there a thing like an "honest broker"?

    Smart_Trade I agree that clients can be roguish as well. But brokerages have such watertight agreements that it is virtually impossible for a client to get his/her due if things go wrong. SEBI has 28 lakh complaints as per a parliamentary question. Just check the no. of active shareholders...
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    Is there a thing like an "honest broker"?

    Smart Trade, Look at this: You have been joking !
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    Is there a thing like an "honest broker"?

    Smart Trade, Most PoAs carry a clause stating that one will not object to an order given over the phone or in person ..... how can one stop someone from transacting illegally then? Without signing the PoA, no broker opens an account although SEBI has directed otherwise ..... Anyone who...
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    Is there a thing like an "honest broker"?

    Smart trade, Are broker afraid of SEBI/Stock Exchanges?! I have read horror stories of easy fraud (including documentation and switching depository stocks to PMS) with the authorities not doing much ....
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    Is there a thing like an "honest broker"?

    Have you found any? :-)
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    Any experience with Justtrade? 2 of the plans in the following link say there is a margin money requirement. The branch staff and the call centre of the brokerage maintain that the margin money requirement is an initial...
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    Experiences:CanMoney/Zerodha/ CompositeEdge/ SBI Cap/ Justtrade?

    What are your experiences with these brokerages - CanMoney/Zerodha/ CompositeEdge/ SBI Cap/ Justtrade/ VNS on: If you have had an account with them, give 5 stars for excellent and 1 star for poor on the following parameters: 1. Integrity 2. Service 3. Accessibility Thanks.
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    Safe Broker?

    Would anyone recommend an honest one with a reasonable brokerage, not necessarily the cheapest? I want to look at the broker equivalent of Quantum (in mutual funds)
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    Zerodha Part 2

    The PoA can certainly be made investor friendly and divided into parts - say Part A for cash delivery customers, Part B for cash+FnO and so on ...... This is not done 'cos the brokerages like to hide devils beneath a mountain of words .... Also, why then the "lien"?
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    best broker for a beginner

    Go with a broker who teaches you long term investment. Parag Parikh types ....
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    Zerodha Part 2

    Account opening forms are not standard. A brokerage might add its own devil(s) to the SEBI guided version. Starting with the conditions in a PoA to an explicit lien (as proposed on Page 28 of the Zerodha form TDForm V2 (latest version)) MUST READ FOR ALL INVESTORS...
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    Who is paying lowest brokerage????

    A good, low brokerage option (online) minus PoA and/or lien? Any?
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    Cheap and best broker

    I am looking at a good broker myself. To start with, one unmissable is to look at the no.of complaints/disputes the brokers have against their name on the NSE/BSE Next, drill down the list with the brokers one has in mind and check out individual agreements ..... I zeroed in on a few but am...
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    Zerodha Part 2

    Why does Zerodha explicitly ask for a lien on one's shares?!!!! Is this true of all trading :confused:ccounts?