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    Which Data Provider Give Correct [Equal to ODIN High,Low,Open, CLose] RT Data Service

    I like to subscribe RT Data Service to AMIBROKER and METATRADER 4 for Watch NIFTY SPOT and NIFTY FUTURE Chart. Which Data Provider Give Correct [Equal to ODIN High,Low,Open, CLose] RT Service for NSE. Already i had Subscribed RT Services for both TA. But most of the service provider's OPEN...
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    Help Me to Create AFL for Karthik's 315 Pullback Strategy

    SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); e1=EMA(C,3); e2=EMA(C,15); Plot(e1,"",colorWhite,styleThick); Plot(e2,"",colorYellow,styleThick ); Buy=Cross(e1,e2); Sell=Cross(e2,e1); Buysetup=Flip(Buy,Sell); Shortsetup=Flip(Sell,Buy)...
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    How do upload image file in Traderji

    Dear all, I try to upload Amibroker Chart Image file in my thread. But I couldn't upload . There showing my quoto of 100 k.b. over. So How do I upload image file in Traderji .
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    Help Needed : Modified SH's 315 Strategy with Supertrend

    Dear All, I tried to combine "Modified SH's 315" AFL with "Supertrend" AFL . Here is the code. COURTESY : Mr.SH, Mr.Santhosh and Mr.Mangatha _SECTION_BEGIN("Modified 315 with Supertrend"); SetBarsRequired(100000,0); GraphXSpace = 15...
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    Metatrader code for Modified SH's 315 Strategy

    Dear all, I need metatrader mq4 format for Modified SH's 315 Strategy. Any one can convert this or create this strategy for mt4 ? Courtesy : SH & Santhosh Amibroker AFL ================================================= //Modified SH's 315 Strategy //Amibroker AFL...