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    What do you think about investment in FMCG sector?

    I have always avoided investment in sectoral funds since I do not have good knowledge about behavior of sectors over time. Frankly I do not want to spend too much time tracking rise and fall of individual sectors. However it seems to me that FMCG is one sector where one can invest even without...
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    Please suggest some portfolio management agencies.

    Do you think taking help from portfolio management agencies is beneficial (for mutual funds)? I sometimes feel that though I am getting good response from experienced people in this forum, when it comes to details of my portfolio, I have problem, what amount of money to invest in which fund...
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    Please help me choose one fund out of these three.

    In my portfolio which one of these Mid and small cap funds should I keep? DSPBR Microcap reg, ICICI Pru Discovery, IDFC premier equity. Over last three years, the returns had been: 4.2%, 14.5%, 7% resp. Over last one year, returns are: 19%,16%,13% resp. Beta values: 1.18, 1.01,0.93 resp Alpha...
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    Where can I compare fund performance against its benchmark?

    Please suggest some reliable website(s) where I can compare performance of a fund against its benchmark. It seems valueresearch site does not have this facility. Thanks.
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    Why is ETF investment not that popular (compared to mutual fund) in India?

    Apart from that, do you think in future ETF will become preferred investment compared to mutual fund (in India)?
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    Should we give more importance to last 1/3/5 years performance while selecting funds?

    Past performance of a fund may or may not be sustained in future due to market forces. However we all look at past performance for CONSISTENCY of a fund. The problem I sometimes face is performance of two funds may be quite different over last 1/3/5 years. In such cases for how many years the...
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    What do you think about Quantum Tax Saving Fund?

    What is your opinion about Quantum Tax Saving fund? Is it better than HDFC taxsaver? How does it compare with Canara Robeco Eqt Tax Saver?
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    What is your opinion about these funds?

    What do you think about these funds? These seem to have given good-to-moderate returns over long term but I have never heard anybody speak about these: Canara Robeco Fortune 94, Canara Robeco Expo, Quantum Long Term Equity, ING Dividend Yield. Most people suggest funds like HDFC equity (in the...
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    How is return calculated in mutual fund investments?

    Can anybody please explain how return is calculated in mutual fund investments? I have many doubts here. 1. According to investmentogi website, the return of magnum taxgain is -2.18% over last three years. Does this mean if someone invested in it exactly three years ago (lumpsum) will get...
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    Is it safer to get insured with a public rather than a private insurance company?

    Is it safer to get insured with a public insurance company(like LIC or United India Insurance Co.) rather than with a private one because rejection rate in the case of former is much lower than in the later case? I have read one report published in a magazine which supports this. What is your...
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    Choice of equity fund.

    I am trying to learn investment in mutual funds. If we compare relative performance of the equity-oriented funds: DSPBR Equity, DSPBR Top 100, ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity (Retail), IDFC Imperial Equity Plan A, Reliance Regular Savings Equity we see that over last...
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    Balanced fund Vs equity diversified fund: which one is likely to shine more?

    It is said that over last three years in general balanced funds have outperformed diversified equity funds. Can anybody please explain why this has happened? Second, in the next few years (say 3-5 years), which one is expected to have a better position?
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    Which of the following funds would you like to have in your portfolio?

    This is another question I am asking to learn how to to choose the right fund(s) from a number of (nearly) similar funds: HDFC Balanced, HDFC Equity, HDFC Growth, HDFC Prudence, HDFC Top 200, HDFC Long term Advantage, HDFC Taxsaver. (I know two of these are ELSS funds, but I am adding these...
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    Will long term gain be affected if I switch mutual fund 2/3 or more times?

    We know that (equity) mutual funds are meant for long term investment, say for 10-15 years. Now suppose I select some good fund with an aim to stay invested for 20 years. After 7 years the fund starts showing poor performance so I decide to exit the fund and invest the entire redeemed amount in...
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    Suggestions requested for better investment plan.

    I have started investing in mutual funds and would like to get opinion from others regarding my portfolio. I am 33 years old and would retire from service at 60 years. Frankly, when I started investing I had little knowledge about investment and tried to invest in those funds which have given...