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    Some Trades are becoming Brokers & Some Brokers are shutting down their business-Why?

    Re: Some Trades are becoming Brokers & Some Brokers are shutting down their business- Brokers are shutting down their business cos their business model is no longer better with the likes of web based budget broking firms with a better cost efficient business models. Also brokers give...
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    Recommend Best broker for long term investment

    Hi, I have been an investing since 2006 with geojit and have opened an account with mosl since 2013 due to service issues with geojit. I want to have a long term portfolio with combination of short term investing. My experience with geojit & mosl - If I buy the stocks recommended by...
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    Motilal oswal and sharekhan provides even more competitive price. Motilal oswal provides a relationship manager to provide more personalized service. I had a bad experience with geojit. For opening online account they will ask additional payment.
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    Grieviences with Geojit

    I have been with Geojit from 2006 onwards. I had gone through lot of hassle bcos of not having online trading options had to rely on geojit branch in chennai and didn't have a good control to make best decisions due to this constraint. My request to send my communication(holdings etc) to email...
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    Hello all

    I hold shares in geojit demat account and dont rely on their advice. I want to move from geojit. Is there a cost involved in transfer of stocks? Motilal oswal is promising brokerage less than geojit and sharekhan has given a verygood offer. I'm thinking on my next steps as geojit customer care...
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    Hello all

    I'm new member and want to get my queries clarified in the forum. I have been with geojit investing from 2006 onwards and have not got much value addition and hence I'm exploring to transfer my demat trading account to either sharekhan or motilal oswal if my issues are not addressed. What...