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    Here are the basic questions you need to ask yourself before opening a trade.

    A trading checklist is very important. I find it always better to second guess my setups before opening a position so that I really know what I am doing and that it's not a half-analyzed trade. Here are some questions you need to answer before opening a trade. (BTW, any more questions and...
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    Need highest margin broker for crude oil trading

    I don't have a lot of money to trade so I'm looking for a broker with 1 crude oil lot cover order under 10,000 rs. Please don't recommend broker like asthatrade because their platform is garbage .
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    What kind of strategies do big trading firms trade on?

    Just curious . Hopefully hear from people who have worked at such firms.
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    What are some good prop trading forms in 2019?

    I have seen similar question posted years ago and some of the firms have stopped trading by now. So am just looking for prop firms in 2019. Thanks in advance
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    Wisdom and advices

    The reason I'm starting a new thread instead of posting advices in my trading diary is that there's too much data there in my thread. Ok, I'll start by telling my basic philosophy. It is that the only winners in the stock market are the best losers. If you don't know how to deal with loss...
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    I really don't understand people related in finance

    I applied for a finance job just for fun. For some reason out of fate, I was qualified. Remind you that I dropped out of IIT and that I don't have a degree. The below is what I have noticed. 1) the basic joke of finance is that no one cares about your degree but everyone cares about your...
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    My ideas and trading diary

    Hi all, It's been a while since I stopped trading for over 6 months due to personal reasons and will be looking forward to start getting back again by November. This thread is partly my trading diary , partly ideas and a place to receive advices and criticism on my trades. Sometimes I will...
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    Trading : what we think it is vs reality

    Image says it all. 1) Your strategy plays a tiny part. Stop looking for miracle strategy/ indicators. Trust me we have all been there. :thumb: You can ask any pro trader if you want. I personally use only 2.75 SD bollinger band. Never really needed anything else. When I first began trading...
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    Experimenting with small trading account

    I want to try something new this year and want to take a break from my original account. I'm sick of hearing beginners and experts alike say that it's impossible to grow a small account into a very large one. :annoyed: So I want to show them that it's possible as long as you know what you're...
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    Decision making while trading- theory.

    We put 1000's of hours in trading. We know the patterns, the price action, indicators, trade management and psychology. But why do we still make the beginner mistakes. It's easy in theory to say "book small losses" but why is it infinitely hard while doing it in real time? I have a theory to...
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    Losses->> an in-depth guide

    We generally think of losses as a single event- losing money. So, we try to reduce it as much as we can by sticking to a plan. Even then, we make beginner mistakes once in a while. People try to AVOID losses instead of developing a sound strategy to deal with them. :annoyed: " To conquer an...
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    Easiest, 1-step guide to calculate how much you can risk in a trade.

    A trader doesn't need to know how much he's risking by using the risk formula everytime. For a large 50 or 100 crore trade, 28% risk and 29% risk are different but for a normal trader, it doesn't matter. So, calculating the risk everytime is a bad idea. The easiest 1-step guide I use to...
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    Why no one is talking about copper?

    Copper is "the" hot commodity to trade right now. It moved around 30% in the last two weeks. It is slowly showing signs of slowing down but no bearish signs as of yesterday. There's a lot of money made here. A lot! :clap: I'm surprised that no one is talking about it! Trading hot markets is...
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    what do you guys do when you're not trading?

    Okay, here's my recent problem. I am a day trader. So, I wait for the next good setup in the markets I follow. In the meantime, I watch youtube videos, read a couple of articles(not news) and basically spend my time on the internet. What's happening is that I'm getting distracted and...
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    Options help (beginner)

    I am new to options. I checked that link for most active calls. I have very basic questions I'm confusing with. 1)It says that CE 8800 is more traded than CE8700. Why is that the case? Why are people...
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    A great way to trade crude oil on WEDNESDAYS

    Inventory data will be released at 20:00 on every Wednesday. I have been observing how it behaves during that time. I found out certain patterns. I traded during those times and 60% of the time I was right. 1) Don't trade until the 5 min candle is formed ie., wait till 20:05: Most of my...
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    The only book you need to master trading.

    I was looking for a book which organizes everything a trader needs to transition from a ignorant beginner to a good professional. I find that most trading books ignore one or many aspects of successful trading. I stumbled upon this book recently which CHANGED MY LIFE. :thumb: Name: The...
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    Trading stories

    Hi I want to start a new thread to inspire/motivate beginners and professionals alike by posting trading stories. Please only post stories that you came across personally. I trade alone so I don't know any great stories.:lol:
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    Interactive brokers? CME group? Advice please.

    Hi I talked with their Indian customer support guys of both IB and CME brokers about opening an international margin trading account and its legality. They say that it's possible to trade with margin. The steps they have given me are: First, they convert my deposit(INR) in their Indian...
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    regarding crude oil limit.

    Hi everyone I use zerodha pi.I have noticed that they have a crude oil limit of 100 futures. I definitely don't have enough money to day trade 100 futures. I just want to know whether if 100 lots is the limit in mcx. The real reason why I am worried is because I don't want my...