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    Crude Oil Intraday With Good Results

    Friends, Once I read somewhere trading is simple & all we need is a Horizontal Line. At First I thought it was foolish as so many indicators, MACD, Crossovers and all that people use to make money. After some search & using some logic i got an idea of that magical Horizontal line. Which...
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    Need help in ema afl

    Hello Seniors, Can somebody help me with this AFL. I need 30 EMA in Green & 200 EMA in Red, If 30 EMA crosses below 200 then "SELL" has 2 be displayed in Amibroker same way if 30 EMA crosses above 200 then "BUY" has to be displayed in Amibroker. I use Live Feeds and look at 1 Mint...
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    Nifty Futures & Futures Stocks Trading

    Hi Friends, I am going 2 posting my daily calculations in Nifty Futures for 26th of March 2012. Buy Above: 5312.94 for a Target of : 5330.10, 5341.90, 5357.76, 5385.35, 5402.51 Stop Loss: 5285.35 Sell Below: 5257.76 For a Target Of : 5240.60, 5228.80, 5212.94, 5185.35, 5168.19 Stop...
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    Angel Broking

    Hi Everybody New to trading and have opened a trading account with Angel. Need some help from seniors who have an account with Angel. At the opening of the Trading account they promised the Stars but as soon the account was opened i was left all by myself. They dont even bother to pick ur call...
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    Right From Scratch To Day Trading

    Hello Everybody Aman here. I am a complete novice to Share Trading but interested to Gamble The Markets. I have Contacted Angel Broking In Chennai and Have Their Applications. Would Welcome any suggetions Seniors Would Like To give Me. Any Body From Chennai Pls.